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Best say Hallo

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by PaulHo, Feb 8, 2008.

  1. Evening everyone, thought I better introduce myself.
    Brought a 97 CB250 Thursday 24th jan, good tires and rego til Sept, but a bit neglected, painted with a spray can over the transferrs! and the engine silverfrosted and exhausts gloss black (in places)
    Passed my L test Friday 25th and flu solo that night, just down to fill the tank.
    Cars have gotten a lot bigger and faster since I last rode in 1973.
    Anyway I got braver and by the end of the weekend was going to Kurnell and around Cronulla.
    Longest trip has been to Holsworthy.
    Just had the the seals in the forks done and it makes a surprising difference to the handling!!!But I suppose you experienced blokes know that,,,, dont laugh Im trying hard.

  2. Welcome mate. :)

    You've posted this in the wrong section but hopefully a kind mod will move it for you so you can see my welcome. :)

    The CB is a top little bike. I rode a 92 model for donkey's years. Not exactly mind boggling fast but they're tough as old boots. The spray can painting is a worry though. No-one paints a bike unless they have something to hide. The CB is prone to rust in the fuel tank and exaust. Take the tank off and check for signs of rust on the bottom, near the seams (it gets there first). If it appears that there might be rust under the spray paint, sand it back and repair it with QuickSteel (2 part epoxy stuff). The pipes should be chromed so the black is a worry. They develop rust easily and though it appears minor on the outside, the super thin metal can snap easily and from 1st hand experience I can say it's a bastard to weld. Engine wise, you should have no probs. Just dump and replace the oil every 5k km for many years happy running. :)

    Enjoy your time on NR and good work on getting back on a bike. :)
  3. Welcome to Netrider, old guy!! (I'm 58 so I can say that!!! :LOL:).
  4. Hi, welcome, there is great advice on here for all riders, not just learners, ive learnt heaps, even though i been riding for 16 years.
  5. Hi and welcome to netrider. :)
  6. Hi Paul!

    Glad to see another newbie (to the site anyway!)

  7. Seany advice

    Thanjs Seany
    Used paint stripper allready, the black exhausts were because its been in a minor drop, exhaust scratched,,but not much, will polish up OK on the whole.
    The tank has a bent but no rust underneath (thanks for that advice) so who ever dropped it didnt have much pride, would have been better leaving it.
    Anyway its booked in to my mates panel beating shop for a de dent and paint, will post some before and after shots later