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best route?

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by kirk, Aug 19, 2012.

  1. hi i was wondering if anyone knew any good roads between armidale,nsw and phillip island heading down for the gp in october

  2. If you want to bypass Sydney, the road between Lithgow, Oberon & Goulburn will provide some interest. It's sealed the whole way.

    The Bonang Hwy between Bombala & Orbost via Delegate is a good'un (coupla short dirt sections though)
  3. ...sorry...TOTALLY misunderstood thread title!8-[
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  4. The Wee Jasper route if you are not afraid of a little Dirt.
    Through Mt Beauty and up over the Bongong High Plains and then down though Omeo to Bairnsdale is good. Check the Bogong rd with the Parks and Wildlife people first as it closes for Winter. So many roads so little time.
  5. Thunderbolts from Walcha to Gloucester - some gravelly corners, a few nasty potholes, a few too many big trucks - but a fun and magnificent ride. Don't do it too early in the morning or you won't be able to see for the fog.

    Bucketts Way from Gloucester down to almost Stroud but turn right onto Stroud Hill Road and go through Dungog - both have excellent surfaces, heaps of fun and lovely countryside. Great coffee at Dungog. Bingelburra Road through Gresford across to Singleton - really really really crap surface (very old bitumen) but sooooooo pretty - just take care. Don't expect decent coffee in Singleton - just fill up at the servo and get out of there quick.

    Putty Road then turn off onto the Golden Highway - fast and fun. Bylong Valley Way from Denman through to Mudgee - THE most fun you can have with your clothes on. From Mudgee you can either do Castlereagh Highway or take the other road through Lue and Kandos - but either way you should turn off at Ilford and take the Sofala road through to Bathurst - SERIOUSLY good fun. Coffee, wine and food in Mudgee is excellent, seriously excellent.

    From Bathurst you could take the O'Connell Road down to Oberon and then head through Taralga (the Taralga Gap is worth doing at least once but scared the pants off me the first time - but I'd only been riding a few months at that stage!) - down to Goulburn (stop at the Paragon Cafe for great coffee and a retro 70s lunch) - hop on the Hume for 180 kms of utter boredom but then turn off at Gundagai and go through Tumut through the Snowies etc etc etc.

    I'm not sure of the road from Bathurst through Crookwell down that way - maybe someone else can fill in the gaps.

    Have fun!