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Best route Snowys to Melbourne?

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by touringdude, Jul 31, 2013.

  1. Hey,

    I'm wondering what a good route to melbourne from sydney would be?

    I'd like to do it fairly quickly but not down the boring hume. Is the snowy mountains a good way to go? Should I take the snowy mountains highway and then link to hume or go through apin and link to the pacific hwy?

    Does 3 days sound like a reasonable time frame? Would it be possible to do it in 2 and still get in some twisties?

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    Hello to you too. ;)

    It's possible to do it in 2 days. When were you intending to make the trip? Some of the best roads are closed in winter. Stay off the Hume is my advice, patrolled, speed cameras and boring.

    If you are not afraid of a little dirt then take the Bonang Hwy, a Victoria signature road.

  3. I was definitely thinking summer. And not during the school holidays. And definitely no dirt. My road bike and my road bike riding skills are allergic to dirt. I like my riding to have traction and no nasty rocks "bouncing up into my undercarriage."
  4. Pity, the Bonang is a fantastic road, over 100km of sealed twisties at the cost of 17 km of dirt. But fair enough.

    How about this in NSW/Victoria, it has some good runs, not the best the State has to offer but if your time is short. It does the Snowy Alpine run, the Murray Valley Hwy, the Whitfield Mansfield run and the Black Spur. Thats a good days run of about 620kms. A run of 600kms each day will do it in two days.
  5. how about macarno lights to the kangaroo turn off
    down through robertson to nowra
    down the old pac to bega
    up to bombala
    down to cann river
    then up to omeo mt hotham harrietville
    then the vic boys can tell you where to go from there
    but whitfield mansfield black spur as chris suggests
  6. I won't claim knowledge of the Sydney end, but Tumut to Cabramurra via Snowy Mountains Highway. Elliot Way to Tumbarumba and Jingellic, Or alternatively Tooma Road to Corryong. Murray River Road and Granya Road to Tallangatta is preferable to the Murray Valley Highway.

    The Omeo Highway is due to be fully sealed by summer. If so, go Mitta Mitta, Anglers Rest, Falls Creek, Bright. Turn off the Snow Road to Whitfield at Oxley, then Mansfield.
    Extra degree of difficult for Jamieson to Eildon (or wimp out via Bonnie Doon) to Marysville and either Black Spur or Reefton Spur.

    Three easy days or two very full ones.
  7. Hi mate -all good suggestions from previous poster's . I did it January 2012 in 2 days back to Adelaide from Camden but due to time constraints I used the Hume as far as Albury/Wodonga ,then round Lake Hume to Tallangatta ,down the Omeo Hwy , up over Falls Creek to Mt Beauty then Towonga Gap into Bright. End day 1 . From there across to Whitfield to Mansfield , Jamieson to Eildon to Marysville , up the Lake Mountain Rd and down the Reefton Spur into Warburton. Up to Healsville , across thru Kinglake working my way across to M80 ring road then the Western Hwy out past Ballarat and onwards home to SA . That day was a 15hr monster ,well over 1000km but needs must ... So many great roads, so little time !
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    There's a girl in Albury called Katrina, she's not bad. :)

    Sydney - Canberra - Cooma - Bombala - Cann river - Bairnsdale - Melbourne.
  9. Given he's posted twice, both in this thread, I'd say he got the answer he was after...