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Best route between Mt Gambier and Adelaide

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by matt232, Jan 9, 2006.

  1. Hwy 1 via the Coast

  2. Inland onto Hwy 8

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  3. Other

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  1. Can anyone help out with a routing choice at the end of a one day ride from Melbourne to Adelaide via the GOR to a mates wedding this February?

    From what I can see we have a choice of:

    1. Following hwy 1 along the coast (Kingston S.E. [158km fuel], tailem bend [+198km fuel] or

    2. Cut ting inland via penola [51km] , naracoorte [+50km] , keith [+126km, total of 227km for fuel] and tailem bend [+130km fuel].

    The inland route is about 4km longer but it might offer more oppurtunity for streaching the legs a little but it would be nice to know what the road surface is like on the two options as well as any other dangers.

    After approximate 700km for the 1100km day, a twister road road might not be the ideal option over the quickest way to arrive at the destination. But I'm interesting in hearing about the road conditions for both routes (or even a suggestion for a better route) and thier relative merits. Any comments?
  2. Hi Matt
    Hwy 1 definetly a better choice. Man you are going to have one sad and sorry arse if your going to do the GOR and get to Adelaide on the route you describe.
    Inland road heavily patrolled.
    I could put together another route, but you'll spend more time with your head in a map than riding.
    I would invest in a lambswool seat cover for that one.
    I'm hurtin just thinking about it.
  3. Thanks sleepa, couldn't have asked for a more susinct and convincing response. And yer its going to be a long day with me on my 1000RR, a 954RR and a 900RR, definately some sort arses and wrists to be had. Who knows we might end up falling short of the full trip in the day if we are too buggered. I suspect the return trip will be the straight ~770km run home rather than another ~1100km.

    StereoHead, already got two routes from that website linked in my first post. Just wanted to know what it was looked like at ground level rather than starring at it from space. Thanks though.
  4. Actually sleepa, got any suggestions for a more direct return route?
  5. Both directions are fairly boring, the inland although more heavily policed is a better road most of the way.

    Personally I would always go the coastal alternative, just watch out for wildlife along the road from Millicent onwards.
  6. For a more direct return route you would go via Horsham.
  7. No argument there!!

    The direct route (726.58 kms, 9:08 Hours )

    Via GOR (1027.24 kms, 13:21 Hours ) (can't quite get the route to quite follow what I want but its close enough)
  8. Me and wildlife have history so yer thanks for the tip.
  9. I've taken the short way once, and never again. Extemely boring at the sedated speed, Be prepared to met the local plod if you dare to twist it.
    Dont let my earlier comments put you off, I have done it from the Island in a day taking the longer run a couple of times and is defintely doable.
    I can vagely remember coming back from Jindabine to Victor Harbor in a day 2up.
    If you have the time when over here, I can show you some of the great rides that are in the hills.
    Can even put a roof over your heads if needed.
  10. IF you were tight on time, the main Hwy, through Horsham would be the one to take, I just cant see me riding it again.
    Heres an alt going back.
    Tailem Bend - Meningie - Kingston -clay wells -Penola -Casterton -Hamilton, ect .... all good road suface. Most of it will be open country and time can stand still if you dont pick up the pace a little. It aint no GOR though.
  11. Don't believe for a minute that just because you are on a quiet back road that the police will not be, for instance the cop at Kingston drives a sedan with a bullbar as you would expect, but it also is equipped with mobile radar, and the bike patrol from Adelaide reguarly patrol both roads and in particular the coorong all the way to Robe.
  12. Your endurance comments just confirm what I was expecting.....its probably going to hurt but you only live once....

    We are only going to be in town for 2 days and they are already pretty full but the mate we are meeting probably would be interested in that knowledge since he's just arrived in town. But you never know we might sneak a ride in there somewhere, assuming we can look at the bikes after the ride over.

    The offer of a place to crash is pretty tempting, sure you can put up with 3 fireblade owners? How far away from Glenelg North are you?

    I sent you a PM as well did you get it?
  13. That route works out to be 848.70 kms 10:26 Hours

    At least with that route we could cut south towards the GOR from Hamilton and Mortlake if we were keen, or straight run home if not.
  14. Aaron you listening?

    thanks for the heads up scooter.
  15. just so happens thats one of my regular routes, used to live in Mt.Gambier and Adelaide and now in Melbourne

    also just happens that i'm doing the trip this Wednesday or Thursday depending on my father in Mt.Gambier, i will be meeting up with him then going on to Adelaide to the sisters place

    melbourne - geelong - GOR - Warnambool - Portland - Heywood - Mt.Gambier =

    these are all pretty good roads but will take you about 6 hours depending on your stops, and there is quite a bit to stop for along the way

    Mt.Gambier - Penola - Narracoorte - Keith - Tailem Bend - Murry Bridge (good watering hole) - Adelaide =

    same again with the roads except from Narracoorte to Keith (very bumpy)
    this is a good run but very boring - very straight roads with not much to look at past Narracoorte - have never seen a police radar or speed trap in over twenty years - but don't risk the fines

    you will have to watch out for Roos & Emus between Portland & Mt.Gambier and also between Mt.Gambier and Penola as well as log trucks.

    The inland trip from Melbourne to Adelaide is a lot shorter and you will have to watch out for wildlife and coppers nearly all the way as well as trucks, i usually cut straight accross on the journey home, this saves the boredom of taking the same route twice - DON'T forget to stop at the RED ROO for lunch.

    I picked up 3 tickets already this holiday break out on the open road so be careful and don't speed and enjoy your tour :)
  16. sleepa is bang on the money with his report on the roads

    there is another route i use if i want to save time and get to Mt.Gambier in around 5 and a half hours with stops,

    Melbourne - Ballarat - Hamilton - Digby - Dartmoor - Mt. Gambier

    (plenty of small town coppers so stick to the speed limits 10 klm's either side of each town and plenty of wildlife too)

    then head straight up through

    Penola - Narracoorte - Keith - Tailem Bend - Adelaide

    this trip works out around about 950klm's in total, then take the inland trip back to Melbourne which is about 770klm's.
  17. :eek:

    I represent that remark!!

    Hey, I havent had a ticket innearly 4 years, dont jinx me now :p
  18. One good alternative to the highway is turn off at Horsham, go down to Natimuk and across past Mt Arapiles through Goroke to Francis and back up to Bordertown.

    Daylight only (lots of hopping things at night :LOL: ) but apart from some slightly bumpy bits and some minor stretches of single lane tarmac pretty good.

    Enough variety to enjoy it and nicer countryside than the Western Highway. Very few cops (one trick is to keep an eye on the police stations as you go through Goroke etc. if the police 4WD is parked then the road is generally clear along these back roads)

    I've come across sheep being driven there but not lately and there's enough visibility that it's not normally a problem.

    And it's a whole 8k further than the Highway - but a lot quicker since you don't get delayed by traffic. We travel to Adelaide a lot and it's our preferred route now - car or bike.

  19. We also use mobile radars in SA that have been banned for use in all other states due to them being dodge and having a list of 150 odd different things that can cause false readings from street signs to mobile phone signals... You'll find a new form of stupidity running our place (I think his name is Mike Rann)...