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Best roads in Adelaide

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by I am the Stig..., Jun 3, 2008.

  1. Lobethal to Norton Summit via Ashton

  2. Gorge Road

  3. Strathalbyn to Stirling (via Echunga)

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  4. Montacute road (via Cherryville)

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  5. Other

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  1. Best roads in Adelaide & Regions

    On the basis of another thread, I thought I’d ask my SA cousins which roads they thought are the best.

    My top 3 (realised I've actually listed 4, getting greedy...) roads/routes based on my current knowledge of the hills are as follows:

    1. Lobethal to Norton Summit, via Ashford – lots of hairpins, s-bends and uphill/downhill sections you can throw your bike around :grin: . Grin from ear-to-ear after that one... even on a smaller bike. :grin:

    2. Gorge Road, with detour up the corkscrew. Big sweeping bends on a wide road, high speed jinxes, generally great visibility, but I’ve seen a lot of bikes on the back of tow trucks up here… and the occasional cop :eek: . On a downside, this can also be “busy†with either slow traffic or the odd Porsche Cayenne tailgating you as they think they’re in a 911 and should be in front…. apologies if I've held you up on the NSR by the way! :oops:

    3. Strathalbyn to Stirling (backroads via Echunga) – sweeping bends on a narrowish road, nice scenery, not a lot of traffic to worry about. Couple of nice places to stop as well, but more importantly, can do a few “laps†in an hour. Heaps good! :LOL:

    4. Another eastern suburbs escape - Montacute road via Cherryville. Nice little twisty section going up the escarpment. Hardly any traffic!!

    What have I missed? What should I ride? What about further afield? Cape Jervis to Waitpinga is fun too, but a bit far away compared to a blast to the summit….

    The not so good roads?

    Any city centre road - pedestrians not looking as they cross the road, taxi's doing what taxi's do, busses runnning the red lights like they don't apply to them, everyone stressed trying to get home..... :evil:
    Anzac highway – parked cars in the inside lane (on a frickin’ main road :shock: ), left hand turns at the last minute from the outside lane etc etc. :evil:
    Any of the suburbs with roundabouts – deemed to be straight roads by most drivers :roll: . Cross at own risk.
  2. i voted 'other'
    my absolute favourite road is Delamere Rd - the stretch between Delamere & Victor Harbor.
    100kph limit, flat rd, big huge sweeping corners and 100% visibility

    i also am pretty fond of Ashborne Rd, Kersbrook Rd, Black Top Rd, Eagle oN the Hill Rd, and the stretch between Palmer & Birdwood.
  3. I enjoy from Woodcroft, up the back way on bains road to Clarendon, then from Clarendon to Strathalbyn, then stop for a nice lunchtime beer and schnitty in the pub.

    Some nice long straights and some good twisties.

    Well all good untill the road back out of clarendon, bumpy as anything, but only for about 20 metres.
  4. you forgot another ripper...chain of ponds.

    personally i love the tighter, twistier roads so you can have a blast without going a million miles an hour or even over the speed limit :)

    chain of ponds, norton summit rd, cherryville etc are all great fun, but i just go wherever the road takes me really :)
  5. only been up through montacute rd. on the bike however in the car,

    chain of ponds > gorge rd > montacute rd > marble hill rd > mt. lofty

    princess hwy. home or if you're really spirited you can continue on to

    mt. lofty > sturt valley > towards chandlers hill > clarendon > meadows > willunga hill > victor harbor rd back home towards adelaide.

    best fun ive found is just getting on to a hills road and going random roads... when you get sick of it just look for adelaide signs :)

    you'll be right as long as the sign doesn't read Adelaide 87 :shock: its happened to me before on the way back from collingrove hillclimb, took the wrong road and was driving around hills for 3hrs. no complaints though :grin:

    (highly recommended)
  6. Best road in Adelaide is of course the one that leads to Victoria! :LOL: :p
  7. 1 vote for me
  8. My current favourite is up the top of Greenhill Rd, turnoff to Ashton, through Basket Range and Lenswwod, turn off and head to Woodside for a counter lunch with a mate. Beeewdiful !!