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Best road gear ?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by iamvinhy, Apr 4, 2005.

  1. Just wondering which gear to buy and need some opinions ..

    I was going for an alpinestars jacket .. in Aust they are about $899
    I talked with an online u.s. store and they said to ship it to Sydney it
    would cost about $500 AUD (in total) to ship the jacket here. Thats almost half price of what the retail in aust is!

    Also, I was planning to buy alpinestars gloves, MAYBE boots and a HJC helmet. Also, maybe draggin jeans.

    Any opinions on what I should/shouldnt purchase?

    thanks! :D
  2. A tiny tip.

    Don't set your sights on a particular brand of helmet.

    They don't all fit your head. The last thing you want to do is to be set on an HJC for example and it's i'll fitting, but you don't pay attention to that fact because your heart is set on that particular brand.

    Best thing to do is to try a few on and walk around the shop with it on for 5 mins, if your head/neck aren't screaming at you to take it off, it probably is the right helmet for you.
  3. Ive got an Alpinestars TZ-1 jacket, and highly recommend it. Its well made and very comfortable. (Havnt crash tested it though..... and not planning to!!...touch wood! :D )..... also funnily enough ive got the alpine gloves and HJC helmet u asked about! :D :LOL:

    Ive got the MX4 (5?) summer gloves, they're pretty comfy but i dont think they'd offer much protection in a fall!....and they're dont really keep ur hand warm in cold weather! :? ... im planing on getting other gloves for winter!

    HJC helmets, are quite good - and well priced. I got mine for about $300, very light and comfy. I actually tried on a couple of $900 shoei ones and they didnt feel anywhere near as comfy as my $300 one!... just depends on the shape of ur head!

    Do a "search" on here about buying gear overseas.... some people have been stung by taxes on imported gear..... :D

    sorry for the long post!.... good luck dude :D
  4. The last couple of items I have bought have been Joe Rocket. Not cheap but they seem to be ahead of the rest of the pack in terms of design and understanding what motorcyclists are looking for.

    Things to look for:

    1. Gloves, make sure the fingers are long enough that you can wrap your hand around a handle bar without any of the glove material being stretched or your fingers pressing against the end of the glove. Try on the glove and then go grab a handl2bar on a bike in the store.

    2. Jackets, make sure the sleeves are not going to ride up when you lean forward in a riding position. Can you get into the pockets with gloves on ? How well do they seal in the rain ? When thinking about rain consider that the best way to stop water getting into your gloves is to put the jacket arm over the glove. So look at how easy it will be to do this considering that you will have gloves on when doing it. Also look at a jacket in terms of having warm clothes on underneath. If you buying for winter, allow a little extra for this. There are lots of opinions on armour and leather, generally I wouls say that with the brands you are looking at you are going to get good protection.

    3. Draggin jeans seem to have a mixed reaction amongst riders. I've hears some swear by them and some swear at them. Their quality control seems a bit lacking some times. There are also some other companies producing a similar product as well and recently one was annouced on TWT, I just can't remember the brand. Alternatives include most armoured waterproof pants which you can put over jeans etc. I just bought the JR versions which have waterproff zips which go up the leg right to mid thigh making putting them over boots a piece of cake. Plus they have fully waterproof pockets. COst me $100 more than the equivalent DrRiders, Spidi, Dinese, etc equivalents, but after looking at about 7 or 8 brands last Friday, there was no contest.

    4. Helmets. One thing to consider is how easy it is to get visors on and off and the cost of replacing them. Something you will be doing heaps of. Have to agree with Vic about helmets in particular. My theory is a helmet should feel like someone has their hand across your forehead and cheeks. If you can feel any one spot (especially across your forehead) which is getting more pressure than the rest then the helmet is a bad fit for you. Pressure points on your forehead will give you headaches.
  5. As for Helmets same with gloves, my Alpinestars were murder to wear in. Tried some Joe Rocket gloves on at their stand at the superbikes and it was like heaven, don't need two months to wear them in properly because they we o so comfy already. So try on all the gloves you can find and go with the ones that work for you the best.

    This could be a good guide for your travels, but I know at least one of the stores on this tour have moved so double check they are still around before driving there.

    I'm also got half a mind of extending the above to include more areas of Melbourne.

  6. Well i have the same jacket and i've actually tested my in a crash. Im still here so i guess its good...lol
  7. good to know!!! :D :D (just incase!!)....i bet ive jinxed myself now! :evil:
  8. thanks alot guys! :D
  9. I'm cheering cause i just got a $700 Arai helmet for $400 cause it was last years model! Need to go shopping tomorrow, in the market for some boots n maybe pants, not sure yet. Need to find some bargains - I love it! hehe