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Best road boots for about $300?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Kane Mortlock, Sep 19, 2005.

  1. Hi,

    Can people advise me on the best road boots around for about $300?

    Protection is paramount.


    Kane. :)
  2. I tried on most pairs on the weekend ($300 was my budget too)...
    here is what I found out...

    gaerne boots were the most comfortable (for my foot at least) and the guys at bikemart ringwood say they sell more gaernes then any other boot. good protection on the upper models, but the race boots were too fiddly

    alpinestar were ok... kinda pricey and not so comfy, features are good and safety on the smx 3 upwards are excellent

    diadora pfft

    ended up buying a pair of sidi vertigo corsa ($540 after 10% discount!!!!)... bloody expensive considering budget was $300, but I figure they just may save my ankles/ shins from shattering and medical bills in the future, so overall maybe not so expensive.
  3. Alpinestar GPS3's i think their called are the usual favourite. (~$299)
    Alpinestar Roam's if your after weather protection.
    I personally have a pair of Thomas Cook boots, and got them for $180 (bargain!) - although next pair will probably be the GPS3's.
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  6. setup boots

    These look ok, but I want to know more about the safety built into them. Is there a toe box for front foot protection? Tell me about the shinguard protection ... Tell me more about the ankle protection ...

    Make my tootsies feel safe! :LOL:
  7. workboots is all that you need.
  8. I spent roughly $300 on a pair of Sidi's, really comfy, warm in winter, and they feel like i can do a 1Km slide on my ankles and ill still be good.....
  9. i use a pair of falco's nice and black not flashy and colourful but same as most in the price range, they have shin protecttoin and ankle stiffness so is all good
  10. People who tuck there trousers into boots look ghey, is this the look that you are trying to achieve?
  11. Your 1001th post scooter. Surely the type of boot is irrelevant to what you do with your troosers? Ya gotta do something with 'em, can't have 'em flapping around your ankles! Me, I wear draggins and tuck'em into the boots, function beats form any day. (leathers always go inside the boot, too??)
  12. much prefer the ankle flap thanks.
  13. well, as your preference for three cylinders shows, different strokes for different folks (not, not suggesting that the 675 is a two-stroke!)
  14. If you're a sz. 11....
    click Kochmann Boots logo, next page the KBoots catalogue, then click the Kochmann Motorway on the left.
    It's a fully-featured boot with Sympatex (Goretex-copy) membrane.
    Got a spare BRANDNEW pair in above size for sale.
    Sadly a bit too big for me.
  15. An aquantence cut his toes off in an accident, with steel capped boots.

    BTW I just bought some dri-ride three element protection boots for $200.

    Unless you want toe scrappers they're as good as any.
  16. I swear by my Setup boots.

    These are high end road tourers for about $240. Plastic shin guard, gear lever reinforcing, a couple additional features plus you can get them in water proof guise for a few bucks extra...


  17. there's a guy on eBay (in Australia) that is always selling new pairs of Sidi B-Ones (you get to choose the colour).

    they usually end up going for around the $250.00 mark (RRP $400).
  18. Just imagine what his foot would have looked like if he wasn't wearing steelcaps, if there was enough force coming down to bend the steel hard enough to cut his toes off, there would have been nothing left of his foot regardless.

    Not that I think wearing steel caps on a bike is much chop (no pun intended).
  19. I was told very early in my industrial career, that steel capped boots are designed to chop your toes off believe it or not - if the force is high enough.

    Apparently its better to lose toes than have an entire mangled crushed foot. :shock:

    The other thing with capped boots... is the cap can get damned cold when riding.


  20. http://www.mcas.com.au/product.php?section=1&prodid=3135

    i have a pair of these gaerne. very comfortable, easy to put on and off, have ankle protection too. i had a minor off in these and they held up well.

    because they're rather protective/chunky, takes little getting use to using the gears, but that's really a non-issue