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best riding condition

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by YellowHornet, Apr 14, 2005.

  1. Just wondering if you enjoy riding in the rain... I rode into work this morning, raining non stop (4mm in the last 6 hours)... I love the sound of rain, it's so soothing, just don't like the wet roads and the traffic, cagers just don't see bikes when it's wet...

    Perfect riding condition for me will be when there's zero wind, sunshine, 18 - 22 degrees, no traffic... then it'll be a toss up between the bike or golf clubs... choices.

    What's your perfect riding condition?

  2. 18 - 22 degrees in the country side is my ideal.
  3. Mid 20's on a nice sunny day does it for me.
  4. hmm tough one,

    about 28 sunny with NO WIND :twisted:

    i wimped out today and got a lift to work ( thanks hun :) )

    but rideing in the rain can be fun too..... mmm power slides :twisted:
  5. Whats wrong with today?

    A little damp I grant you but at least its still warm.
  6. I love it (riding that is) early morning in mid-Autumn, when it's dry and the temps are low (about 5 degrees) and it fines up to be no warmer than about 15 degrees but bright sunshine. Fantastic riding weather.
  7. anything above freezing is fine by me
  8. Dusk,lonely road, nobody aroud, 25-30 degrees, no flies.
  9. I like lots of sun (25-30 is ideal) and no wind. Also no rain for the past week means the road will be nice and clean of gravel and other crap.
  10. Oh, is it raining in Melbourne is it?

    Sydney weather report: Fine and Sunny, mid twenties. Perfect morning to ride into work...

  11. Have to agree with Nodz, I really like the crisp autumn mornings, really cold to start with and as the sun comes up and warms things it becomes one of the greatest joys around when on the bike.
  12. The best conditions are a bit of a mood thing for me.

    The other morning was pretty crisp (about 11 degrees, the bike has ambient air temp), sunny and fresh, I could have ridden all morning.

    Going down to the Supers Fri/Saturday was hot and windy, but I wasn't at work! I could have ridden all day.

    Today it poured on the way to work, and I need better wet weather gear, but there was no way I'd take the car.

    My ideal conditions would be dry, any temp that means I don't sweat out the leathers and I'm doing a track day.
  13. For those who say melbournes weather is worse than sydney here is a snippet from the weather channel website,

    Weather Facts
    Melbourne and Sydney
    Melbourne’s wet and dreary. And Sydney is sunny and sparkling. Right? Well
    actually WRONG! Very wrong.
    In fact Sydney’s far wetter than
    Sydney’s average annual rainfall is
    twelve-hundred and fourteen
    millimetres which is well on the way
    to DOUBLING Melbourne’s average
    of six-hundred and fifty-five
    But strangely, both cities average
    almost the same number of wet
    days - about 145 - every year.

    The difference is when it rains in Sydney it can BUCKET down.
  14. Ha!

    Doesn't change the fact that today, it's a beautiful Sydney Autumn day, sun shining, birds singing (well choking on pollution actually).

    And it's (gasp!) raining in Melbourne.

  15. Indeed it was! My first ever commute :) Complete success, and I got an extra half hour sleep! Message to Sydney Buses: up yours!
  16. Ive been livin in sydney a while now and anyone that tells me melbourne has more unpredictable and wet weather is kidding themselves. One minute its raining, 5 minutes later its sunny as then its pissin down again before you know it. Same with the temperature.
  17. Yer
    First real rain we have had in 2 weeks and don't we need it!
    Average daily temperature in melbourne these last 2 weeks have been about 24 degrees and fine.
  18. Best riding weather for me is not direct sun as it can get glary but some cloud. No wind and about 25 degrees.
  19. Watch out for big yellow bulldozers.