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best riding city

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Masakali, Sep 13, 2012.

  1. I always thought we had it pretty good in Melbourne, I could always finish work up at lunch, and be able to do a loop of the spurs before dark. If I can't finish up early, I always still had a quick run down to Kinglake, Gembrook. On a weekend, we have Gippsland, Baw Baw, Yea, Mansfield, Meridith, Daylesford and the GOR.

    I'm working from our Adelaide office this week, my initial impressions from my hire cage are their twisties are so much closer, and combined with less traffic, a ride is possible everyday!

    So, has got me thinking, which of our major cities would you choose to live in if access to twisties was the only consideration? I would imagine Hobart is streets ahead...

  2. I haven't been to Hobart or Darwin. But of the others I'd say Brisbane or Canberra (if you're including Canberra)
  3. I vote Brissie, we have Mt Glorious/Nebo/Mee, Blackall Ranges....the list is long....:)
  4. It would be nice if you could say as per b12mick, what cities you have ridden in also.

    I've only ever ridden in Melb so of course I would say Melb. :popcorn:
  5. Just so it's clear, I haven't RIDDEN in Perth, Adelaide or Brisbane, just been there.
  6. I'd vote Launceston. Okay it's not a capital, but it does have the awesome Tasman Highway leading out of it, which leads on to other great roads in the North-East that people don't know much about. :)

    If I had to pick a capital it'd be Brisbane. The roads in Tassie are better, but there's always the very real risk of snow/ice for much of the year (Brisbane only has to worry about rain).

    Edit: Oh and I've ridden Melbourne and Brisbane. Driven Perth, Adelaide, Darwin, Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Hobart, and of course Launceston.
  7. Los Angeles, USA: good weather all year round, canyon roads within 50km, cheap bikes and legal splitting.

    Bit of a hole to live in but you would be on the bike all the time so...

    Edit Canyon roads

  8. hehehe.

    If we are going to include overseas, I'd imagine Douglas would be a nice place to live.
  9. None of them.

    Candelo is the centre of the universe.

    Myrtle Mtn, Brown Mtn, Mt Darragh, Tathra-Bermagui Road, Imlay Road, and more.
  10. Brisbane never occured to me as I always head straight for the coast when I'm there, might have to go inland next time.

    I was only including Australia, but if we are going to include overseas, I but a high recommendation for Lhasa, Tibet. 4500m in altitude, with mountain roads everywhere. I was there in winter, and although it might snow at night, the altitude is so high, the sun actually melts and dries the road before midday. And the quality of the roads are not that of a developing country and perfectly paved and engineered because they were built and used by the army to get around and control the people.
  11. Cairns..... in winter
  12. ummm brisbane has better roads that are closer, hobart has a lot less traffic...

    from living/riding/driving both.

    it really depends what sort of bike though... if you're riding a busa, perth's pretty sweet... big wide open roads with some twisties up in the hills and out to toojay and plenty of places to wind it out...
  13. Can I put in for the WORST city to ride in? - where I live - Perth! congested to buggery, impatient drivers, and flat as a board. You have to go bloody miles to get to a decent road...
    Adelaide for me as the best, the hills have some beautiful roads.....
  14. Adelaide hills-Im 10 minutes from the CBD and 2 Kms from the best roads in Oz.
    Suck it up,you pretend hills riders.
  15. Mmm yeah
    Hills circle adelaide so u could ride for days
    On different roads in the hills

    Think some peeps never make it out
  16. Especially on a cruiser,could take years to get out.
    If you wanted to.
  17. I can be at Berowa mobil in 45 mins from my house. Doesnt get much better than Old road.

    Sydney also has a lot of corners and twists just on normal roads around the city and around the original suburbs, so even just riding to the shops you get a lot of decent corning potential depending on the traffic conditions;.
  18. Please re-read and re-consider,in case your are called a total imbessile.
  19. That's when you know the barrels have been well hidden.
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