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Best rides in Brisbane?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by geckom, Feb 16, 2011.

  1. I am fairly new to the bike scene and am looking for some good rides in or near Brisbane. Anyone got any good suggestions of places I should try? Am avoiding any big mountains for now but will check out anything else.

  2. Matt there are some awesome rides around Brisbane, as I am sure there are around any other city. I head out somewhere probably one in two Sundays for a few hours normally, with or without company, but normally with a mate Chris.

    I do tend to avoid the favourite haunts like Mt Glorious, Mt Mee etc and also try to avoid the major highways as much as possible.

    Some recent rides have been, Toowoomba (Picnic Point) via the old Cobb and Co route, Killarney via Queen Mary Falls, Warwick to watch some motorsport, QR to watch moto ride days and motorsport, Lakeside to watch moto ride and motorsport, the Moreton Bay tourist drive from Sandgate to Shorncliffe, Boonah via the back roads etc etc etc.

    As you can see, based in Centenary, I tend to go SW from here onto what I like to refer to as "the roads less patrolled" but still ride sanely and safely.

    I have been riding as near as damn it to 40 years now, my wife got her licence two years ago but only rides in winter, Chris who I ride with regularly only got licenced last year so the rides are at comfortable pace and pretty cruisy.

    Quite happy to have novices and learners along too, we don't know where we are going much in advance but just head out sometimes and see where we end up. Might be for lunch at a country pub or in a park etc.

    pm me if you want contact details

  3. Maybe try something like Clear Mountain Road if your not really keen on the mountains yet but don't exactly want straight lines either.. it has nice sweeping corners which you might like?

    where do you live?
  4. I live about 10mins west of the Brisbane CBD. And thanks Garry I will definitely be in touch regarding a ride sometime!
  5. Mt tambo then to advance town then to tweed river towns then to pottsville is one of my fav rides.. just a shame is freeway on the way back
  6. If you dont want to do Glorious or Mt Mee, you could ride up the highway to the Kilcoy turnoff, follow through to Kilcoy, Somerset Dam, left to Esk (theres a detour to Toogoolawah at Mt Beppo, but is good straight road) down through Wivenhoe, left turn off Bris Valley Highway just south of Wivenhoe (Splityard Creek), follow road through back to Somerset Dam again. No mountains, no sharp twisties, not much traffic. See you out there :)
  7. maleny is a nice spot aswell
  8. this is a good blog site i found a couple of weeks ago RE: rides around Bris


    A recent ride i did was;

    head north from Dayboro along Mt Mee Rd ( a little twisty in some spots )

    Left at D'aguilar and right past Woodford to Stanmore and Peachester, then to Beerwah

    You can then either turn around, or head back south past the Glass House Mountains

    We took it pretty slow with a couple of stops, and we made it to Peachester in about 3hours from Bracken Ridge way.

    Roads where pretty quiet but it was overcast.
  9. Lot of good suggestions. Just check the traffic reports before you head out, atm there are still a number of roads blocked, or poor road conditions after the rain and floods. Still heaps that is fine, just check before you head out to see if the route is clear.
  10. +1 for clear mountain road. Going from albany creek to samford has a few nice sweeping corners. Turn right into clear mountain road and take it up to the top. Quite a short ride, but fun none the less.
  11. Sunny Coast on a week day is awsome. Very patrolled on the weekend. Even worse is all the weekend Joe Rockets.
  12. Then go from Samford over Mt Cootha to Gap Creek Road, out to Kenmore and back. Makes it a bit longer and there's some nice corners on the far side of Cootha.