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Best rider-to-pillion intercom for commuting

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Bravus, Mar 23, 2008.

  1. Hi All

    So, it looks like my birthday present this year will be an intercom - I'm pillioning the Mrs to and from work at the moment, which is an hour or so each way, and it'd be nice if we could chat all the way, not just at lights.

    Since it's for daily commuting, not touring, ease of setup needs to be paramount - it needs to be no more than one more piece of gear, less than that if possible. For the same reason wireless is better than wired.

    Unlikely to be using it with a GPS or anything else, although if it could hook up to my iPod when she's not with me that would be a plus.

    I've seen props for the Camos and Scala units here and elsewhere - any experience or ideas about what's out there? Nothing massively expensive though.
  2. I've just bought a cheap pillion to pillion system, I have no idea how well it will work.. seems very simple design so it will come down to whether the mics have decent noise cancellation.. when I know I'll be posting about it because I've been looking for a cheap alternative and this was $35 delivered. Basically a box with two headsets you plug in with separate volumes, and you can plug in an ipod which auto cancels when you speak.

    I'm hoping it will be good, I know you get what you pay for in this area but I've been trying to find the exception to the rule.
  3. yes, please do - that's a lot better than the $500 and $1200 figures I've seen around here before!
  4. I have an Autocom Super Pro-Avi, and it is sensational. You can get the Autocom kits with many less features if you only want rider-pillion for much less $$.

    You truly get what you pay for here.
  5. Bravus, the Scala rider teamset is probably the best budget rider to pillion set up. <$300.

    I just bought and am very happy with two blueant interphones. These give rider to rider comms up to 300m straight line.

    There's also a more specced version from another mob called the Camos 600 or some such - stereo speakers... bit pricier.

    All those three are bluetoothable to phone/gps/other bluetooth devices.

    Then you have truly decent onbike setups like starcom and what Tweet has. They can also include CB radio.

    The $35 version from ebay SUCKS SEVERELY. Open mike with no noise cancelling. You'll be stripping the wires for pet projects in NO TIME.
  6. Thanks for that, the Scala's do look great and are a sensible price.
  7. Bravus BT may sound good for "no wires" but you'll soon be sick of low battery life and constant charging as well as relatively low sound quality.
    IMHO you cant go past a GOOD wired system (StarCom1 , Auto com etc).
    For your basic need a StarCom1 KitB at $460.00, complete with 2 velcro in headsets and a lead for STEREO MP3, auto volume and noise cancelling that really works would be the go.
  8. Ducfreak makes a good point. Talk time is limited with BT - worth weighing up. You can eek out a longer battery life by using a lower volume however if you want to talk all day every day for every hour on bike, a wired system is the only way to go.
  9. I've got the blueant. I think its a great headset with good sound and not much noise when conversing on the phone during a ride, also has great battery life.

    Only thing that bugs me is that the speaker on the inside of the helmet is really uncomfortable as the plastic bit smashes against my ear and leaves it very very red once i take my helmet off.
  10. Moochie, you have to get one of these things then:


    I have one - I had the boom too, so I know what you're saying. The flat version gives you more "room" and is an easy install. :)
  11. Mr Charmed & myself have the Blueant Interphones
    No complaints really, just a bit hard to hear @ times when its really windy.

    I often use mine when riding on own, paired my Nav 6110 up with it.

    Can always turn it off if one of us dont want to listen to other

    Mind you I nearly did yday when i hear him yelling @ me to slow down through 1 of those blink & you miss it towns around here.
  12. I've got one of these rob

    The part that i was saying smashes into my ear is the round plastic earpiece bit. Or maybe I dont have it mounted properly........
  13. You did stick it underneath all the padding inserts?
  14. Yeh, I mounted my ear piece against the foam shell using velcro so that it's adjustable and easily removable (same with the mic)... and then cut a hole in the plastic backing of the internal lining so that I could hear the ear piece.

    I had some physical interference issues when I was using the boom... but don't have them anymore :)
  15. :shock:

    That I didn't do. :oops:
  16. Try the latest from Can & String Inc.