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Best ride day track

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Lee_rc8, Apr 30, 2009.

  1. Whats the best ride day for value for money

  2. Phillip Island is worth paying twice as much as anywhere else. Really.
    (although I haven't been to Broadford yet).
  3. I'm the other way around :LOL:
    Phillip Island won't be happening for a few weeks/months for me.

    But I've been to Broadford as my first ride day. It was a great track to start off on. The last corner before the front straight catches some people out (blind, off camber tightening corner) but the straights aren;t too long and the corners are flowing so you get a chance to learn the basics of positioning and lines etc.

    I really like Broadford it's not very intimidating, either. I will look fwd to Phillip Island, but am glad I got a BRoadford one under my belt first.
  4. MX!
  5. Yeah, I can see an RC8 doing that.

    ... but I might have a crack :LOL:
  6. Yep caught a guy out with a brand new Ducati 1098 when I was there!! :eek:
  7. He did say value for money. ;)

    But who owns an RC8 and is looking for value for money anyway? :grin:
  8. Oran Park in Sydney - you can still get weekday rides for $99 and weekends for $140. The track is very flowing so the RC8 will get a good workout there.

    Wakefield Park was surprisingly fun for such a short tight track and you're looking at about $140 there.

    Surely though Winton would have to be the best for you just on proximity?
  9. Broadford is a great little track for learning and honing corner techniques...it's not a fast paced track so is less intimidating as someone has said earlier. Learned a fair bit about body positioning and race lines.

    Phillip Island is more intimidating since it is a pretty fast track compared to Broadford. Cornering is much more fun at PI since it is a bigger track as well as full throttle down the straight then going as fast as possible into the first corner :D...awesomeness.

    Both tracks are great...though if you want to learn more about body positioning, cornering techniques and racing lines, better of starting at Broadford IMO.

    phong =P~
  10. 1. Philip Island is THE best track in AUS, possibly the best in the world

    2. Bathurst (pls close this off like the N'Ring)

    3. Eastern Creek
  11. philip island - nothing much to say cept if its good enough got motogp, its MUST be good enough. and it is a nice track for big bikes

    Broadford is a nice small technical track. really enjoyable on smaller bikes. which is what I rode.

    Eastern creek is like a bigger broadford. I enjoyed my 1 trip there. but i wasnt really paying attention to how technical it is.
  12. Unfortunately the prices have gone up at Wakefield since the new ride day operator took over.
  13. I find that in terms of exploring top-end speed and more left hand corners PI is great.
    On the otherhand, Broadford offers more right hand corners more frequently than PI.
    Lately, I have had a leaning towards Broadford for bang for buck.
  14. They are all worth a crack.
  15. whitfield to mansfield on a week day, oh hold on, you mean track day.
    phillip island. :grin:
    it's like a tattoo, you swear you'll only do just one. :LOL:
  16. Broadford....More corners for your bucks and cheaper than the island , and I like the fact its not top speed balls to the wall, but somewhere to work on lines and technic and I like Right as much as a left..
  17. Must have been 100 plus riders at Broadford today - did like the way they moved you up or back on the sessions - very caring.
    Two food outlets and good coffee. Got dark quick after 4:30pm but I guess you cant blame anyone for that.
    Great Day !!
  18. I did my first trackday at Broadford. The best thing about it is the price, also you get free use garages, However as far as track layout goes there is no comparison. PI is a lot better and I think despite the price difference of $60 it is better value.

    Broadford is a narrower circuit and IMHO the corners are far less fun. Crash corner through to the exit lane to the car park are pretty crap I reckon. The best corners are the last two and the first two. The last corner (blind off camber 180 degrees left hander) is the best.

    Also PI is twice as long and has more fast flowing corners as well as some excellent slow ones - MG and Honda are classics. I don't think there is a bad corner. As others have said you get to open the throttle and pin it on the main straight which is 900 m long. Can't do that at Broady.

  19. Its funny how some like particular corners and some dont ,I love the sequence of corner including Crash ,But PI does nothing for me I wouldnt mind trying it clock wise though..
  20. Good call. I reckon the Island would be horn, backwards.