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Best revenge

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Vertical C, Oct 22, 2015.

  1. Say you need to get back at someone.

    Lets say for arguments sake they cut you off and then gave the finger, but then they parked their car and you see it tgere every night.

    Whats the best revenge?

    Spray painting "I am a tool" on their bonnet
    Letting down the tyres
    Griding up prawns and stuffing them down the vent.

    Whats your best method?
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  2. Do whatever you see fit but not post it online so they can trace it back to you.

    I know you're setting up a rant thread and only joking (or are you?)

    I prefer to do nothing but just stare as I drive past. Eventually it'll become a "maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, maybe not next week, but sometime......" kind of situation. Then I lose interest and forget what I was angry about in the first place.
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  3. Write on the windscreen "I'm a nob" in red lipstick(don't we all have a stick just in case :whistle::whistle:) when they try to wash it of it smears
  4. Cable tie around the drive shaft? Tick tick tick tick...

    Tyre valve covers stuck into the spark plug lead ends then put back on? (Obviously got to be able to get under the hood for that one).

    Have seen clutch & brake pedals cable tied together too. That was pretty funny.
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  5. report them to the moderators
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  6. Wait for the or knock on their door and discuss you grievance in person with them
  7. Every time they pass give them a friendly and over enthusiastic wave, it'll bug the crapolla out of them trying to work out who you are :sneaky:.
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  8. Let's just take one example from this idiot list.
    Let's say you let down the person's tyres. Warm fuzzy glow of satisfaction from getting your own back.
    Let's say that person's wife takes sick that night and he has to get her to the doctor, quickly. Let's say as a result of not being able to because you taught him a lesson about something which he did which he has no idea he did, she dies.
    You go straight to the top of the hero pile....
    "Revenge is a kind of wild justice, which, the more a man runs to it, the more he ought to weed it out"
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  9. Can we assume Vertical CVertical C isn't actually serious about vandalizing someone's car and is just blowing off steam?

    You are right about the unintended consequences.

    There's always the "wouldn't it be funny if..." thoughts that you get if someone's really annoyed you. Then there is the sensible course of action that we hopefully take to deal with the issue.
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  10. And that sensible, mature course of action would definitely not include using Rus LerRus Ler 's lipstick to draw little motorcycles in is wing mirrors.
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  11. Shoot them, their family and anyone who knows them.

    This takes care of hornets "what if scenario" with the "sick wife" too, so problems solved all round.
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  12. What if that person is the twin of you. They cut you off and give you the bird - maybe this was their revenge for something you've unwittingly done already. You then go and do something back to them in turn. What do you expect they're going to do back to you next. Isn't that how all the problems started in the middle east. Someone didn't give way on a camel hundreds of years ago and now we have this mess to deal with. ;)

    Best form of revenge IMO is not to give a stuff and enjoy life. The whole idea of giving you the bird (or whatever) is to p*** you off, and if you're thinking of revenge well then, they've already succeeded and won.
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  13. Lose weight. Buy new clothes & get a stylish haircut. Show him your life is just fine without him! Most importantly though...never never never let him see you cry...
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  14. In terms of revenge..........watch the first Punisher movie. I'm sure that sums it all up pretty well.
  15. I find that I have to exact instant retribution. If I don't, then I have forgotten about it in 2 minutes time and simply get on with life.....
  16. let down all their tyres and araldite the caps on, araldite the hubcaps on and/or araldite around the nuts so you can't get a socket onto it.
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  17. This post is sponsored by the Araldite company :LOL:
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  18. Man up and give them the bird back. That way, your pride is intact and no need for revenge. Or suck it up and move on.
  19. *other epoxy products are available.
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  20. /rushes off to Ebay to find best pricing on bulk packs of JB Weld/