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BEST . resignation . EVER

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' at netrider.net.au started by lowercase, Aug 17, 2010.

  1. What would be the best way to resign from a job?

    Well, I think this is in the Top 5 Ways of doing so!


    Anyone got any other excellent ideas on how best to resign to leave a lasting impression?

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  3. indeed it was.....
  4. I still want excellent resignation stories regardless :)

    And ideas :p :D

    edit: oh, btw, I read it was a hoax already... I just think people would enjoy this - that's why I put it in jokes and humour, not off topic schtuffs :D cool!
  5. She was hot even if it was fake.
  6. ^^ was thinkin that myself....
  7. yeah, she's a HPOA indeed :p
  8. I used to work for a HUGE gas company in a call center. One of the guys in the accounts department who I hadn't met before decided that just before quitting he'd send an email detailing exactly what was wrong with his management, his lack of a bonus, the lack of leadership, of an annual review and commonplace incompetence to everyone.

    And I mean everyone. He'd CC'd the UK head office, Asia Pacific Management, Australia operations, Uk operations and production... everyone. Thousands of people from production workers at gas plants to board directors in South African would have received it.

    Security went to escort him out but he was already gone.

    I remember reading at the bottom of the email that he'd finally got his dream job at Street Commodores (Or similar) magazine as a writer. A few years back I checked and he was editor of the thing.

    Couldn't make that shit up.
  9. hahahahahahaa! good on him! i mean seriously - that is THE way to go, right!?

    wow, envy. complete envy.
  10. I'm trying to find a copy of the email. I sent it to my home address but can't find which one. I'll stick it up here if I can find it.
  11. Lowercase, here's one that comes to mind (and no, it wasn't me !) :

    A former industry colleague had simply had enough and was unhappy with his work conditions, lifestyle etc etc.

    Inflight, he utilised one of the systems onboard the flight deck (normally used to receive/send electronic messages to contact the company, receive printouts of every selected airport weather etc) to type up and send his resignation, a FIRST and never previously tried/attempted method.

    He was called 'upstairs' for 'tea & bickies' to explain his actions, being scolded for using company communication equipment for non-company related issues among other things.

    Apparently, his reply was very short and sweet - "I've already resigned", and walked out of the office.....
    He was hailed a legend from that day on :)
  12. Bingo!

    -----Original Message-----
    From: W*******,M*** [mailto:-*********************************]
    Sent: Friday, 21 February 2003 11:35 AM
    To: **** South Pacific; **** America Mgmt; **** Asia Service; **** Italian Users; **** PARIS USERS; **** MUNICH USERS; Asia - Managing Directors; **** ******* Europe Users; **** ********* UK Users; **** Korea; **** Australia
    Subject: Resignation of M*** W******** - ******** ******** South Pacific.
    Importance: High
    It is not an error that you are receiving this email. It has been intentionally sent to as much of the company as I could find email addresses for, and contains my resignation letter, effective today - 21/2/03.
    I most sincerely apologise if you have received this message more than once.
    To the people of ******* ******** that signed the card, I thank you for your well-wishing and I too wish you the best of luck in the future.
    My email address is at the bottom of the Word document if any of you wish to keep in touch or make comment on the letter you have now received.

    <<**** resignation.doc>>
    Please take the time to peruse this document. If you reply to this message the replies will not be received.
    M*** W********

    There's a three page word letter attached. It mentions industry specific stuff too much to be able to post it. But it's terribly scathing. What a way to go...
  13. I'm pretty sure I know who you're talking about QW, a good bloke as well.

    I reckon that guy who downed the drinks from the airline cart then jumped down the slide is a bit of a legend. Always wanted to have a non lethal airline crash so i could use one of those slides :)
  14. Yeah, would love to use those slides from the plane sometime :)

    QW, wow. I think that man is incredible!!

    Nickers - I think that man is a hero. :D
  15. A guy I use to work with was having a heated verbal one day and ended up saying " I quit " and as the boss walked of he said " I need it in writing " so the guy went to the toilet got a roll of paper and a black marker and wrote his resignation rolled it up and gave it to the boss
  16. acars?
  17. Well, let him know that his email is still passed around the company!
  18. Don't know him that well lol, just met him a couple times when i was into commodores
  19. lowercase : I never met the man, but yes..a hero in my eyes !

    mjt57 : Spot on dude.

    And for your information, I've had the pleasure in ONE attempt of the aircraft slide/raft (during induction training)...LOTS of fun ! Though it can turn ugly if the wrong technique is used. I'd hate to use it for real unless it's a ditching :)
  20. Maybe it's just me... 8-[ but if you want to leave the current employer.... then just leave!!.

    If they have been a$$holes... Karma will get them. Why would you want to lower yourself to their level [-(