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best rear tyre for a zx-2r

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by josh1988, Apr 1, 2007.

  1. seeing that the rear tyre on my zx-2r is an 18" job, im wondering what is teyh best tyre for it? i spend most of my time out on back, windy roads, what would be the best choice.

  2. i use to have dunlop gpr70s on my zx2r. stick like shit to a blanket.
    if you want ones that are ok but dont stick like shit then i recommend the gpr100. they abit harder than the gpr70 but still very good.
  3. As said above, the Dunlop GPR70 is a great tyre.

    Won't get the best mileage, but when you spend the majority on "back windy roads" it will be the difference between you making that corner or having an off.

    I had a set on my CBR250RR, had to chuck on an old set of Arrowmaxes that I had laying around (as I got a puncture in the GPR70s) - the arrowmaxes are like concrete compared with the GRP70s!

  4. I just got mine fitted, Bridestone batlax r92, dual compound. Which means that its hard in the middle and soft at the sides.

    Which i think is a great idea because you done really need the grip when your goin straight but more so around corners.

    I found them to be very grippy, but in saying that Bridestone tyres are the only tyres I've used.

    they cost me $225 fitted.