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Best price for a new R1

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by BIG A, Nov 22, 2009.

  1. So being only three weeks away from coming of restrictions I have decided to go with a new R1 for my upgrade. Was wondering if anyone on here has purchased a new R1 this year or knows someone who has and what sort of a deal they got. Im in NSW and looking at putting a deposit on one by next weekend so its ready to ride out the day i get my full lic. I also got a price on getting the akrapovic slip on's fitted straight on for $2400. Is that about right for slip on? Im new to the modified bike scene and its looking alot more costly than modifying cars. Not familiar with the cost of bike mods and just want to make sure im not paying to much. Appreciate any advice.

  2. Can't help you out regarding pricing, apart from offering the advice that your best bet would be to do the old ring around and play dealer vs dealer (Dealer B will do the deal for x amount, can you beat it?)

    As far as 2400 for slip ons go that is ridiculous, order from overseas the dollar is strong at the moment. You can get full systems for that amount! (Maybe not akras, I've heard they are $$$)
  3. R1's are crap.
  4. The new crossplank engine in the new 2009 R1 sounds awesome, especially with a set of Akro's. Expect to pay between $18,000 & $20,000, depending on the dealer and what/if your trading in.
  5. $23,000 will get you a new 2009 R1 with the lot, pipes, fender eliminator, LED's, sliders, after market piazzo levers, tinted screen, tank protector and a few carbon bits. A hamburger with the lot.
  6. or an 08 R1 plus a 08 wr450.

    or an 08 R1 plus a $10k round the world holiday.

    but yeah, buying new is nice if you have the dosh
  7. negotiate a price on a bike with no bits n pieces, otherwise the cost of your bling gets added to the market value and you pay more stampduty in your initial rego. Do a seperate deal for your bling.
  8. You can negotiate a good price on a couple that I saw today..

    ..only been thrashed for 6 hours round Oran Park, slightly second-hand :rofl:...
  9. i'm not convinced on the 09 R1, and for $20k, i'd want to be before buying it.

    since you're on restrictions, have you ridden one yet? if you have, and you're happy, go for it. but if you're simply buying it off the market hype and reviews... or worse, for looks, then you might want to wait and test ride it.

    good luck
  10. 08 or 09? There should be still a few new 08s around that you can get a really good deal on them. I know that Bikebiz had a few 3-4 months ago when I was looking, not sure if they still have it though.
    If it was my call, for around 23K I'd wait for S1000RR instead of the R1.
  11. kawa dealer in Footscray had an early 08 zx10, will have to go back and see if it's still there. Would have to be ready to deal on it by now.
  12. Thanks for the advice. Its the 09 that im looking at. No i havent ridden one yet. Buying it because i like the way it looks. everyone keeps saying test ride before you make your decision. But lets be honest, coming of a GS500F am i really going to be able to jump on any sports bike and really get a good feel for how it handles or performs with a test ride. I would probably be riding it fairly tamely for the first few weeks till i build up the confidence. So i dont believe a test ride at the level im at will give me a real indication of the bikes ability. My next choice was a new GSXR 750. So im not necessarily after all that power, but I like the look of the bike and im sure the extra power wont bother me.
    I have looked at bike sales and a number of dealers have them at $19,990 ride away. There was one that has it advertised at $18990 ride away. So i know i should be able to get one for no more than 19k. Also depending on what they offer me as a trade on my 08 GS500F. It has just under 5000km on it and its like new. If i dont get a good deal on the trade I would just buy the R1 and sell the GS privately.
  13. There are quite a few 08/09 R1 with Akra Slip-On on the market that can easily save you 3 to 5 grand. If you must get a new one, then at least sell your GS500F privately so you know exactly how much you are paying for the R1. I would imagine dealers don't make much from selling new bikes, they make their money from trades, accessories, and service.
  14. i dont know anythin about r1's coz im a kawasaki guy myself.

    Wateva ya do dont pay $2400 for a slip on lol thats a joke! go to www.morepowerracing.com.au (Its a U.S site). You could get a full akrapovic evo exhaust, ecIII chip and air filter for less than 2400. I just imported an akra slip on for my 05 zx6r and paid $540 plus 160 shipping! Peter stevens are selling them for $1100. More power racing arnt the cheapest but very professional, willing to answer any questions you have and will get the product out to you very quickly. Highly reccommend them!

    Take your time picking the exhaust. Youtube and research forums are your best bet. I know akra is meant to be the best but there are some dam nice sounding exhausts out there e.g. two brothers, jardine and yoshi for alot cheaper again. Take ya time wif it and dont rush coz ya forkin out alotta doh for somthin you dont want.

    All the best with it
  15. by the way if you decide to order it through more power racing let me know and ill give ya the chicks email i was dealing with. Her names Heidi and was very helpful
  16. Thanks Ninja03. I had a look at the more power racing site and they have them for $1140. I asked a guy at bike biz in parramatta how much for the slip on and he tells me $2400. And then wants $160 to fit them.
  17. And they wonder why people order from O/S...
  18. yeh exactly so you may as well import it from the US and then get the guy at parramatta to fit it! Just checked the site and you can get the full evo system imported for the same price as a slip on here. So IMHO definately import from the US man. Remember if you decide to go with a full exhaust system you will need pcIII, airfilter and maybe a remap and dyno as well which can get expensive.

    Unless your using it for the track or trying to squeeze every bit of hosepower outta the bike id go the akra slip on from the US, save yaself ova 1 grand. They sound fknnnn MINT! and the slip ons dont require pcIII or airfilters or any of that cr@p
  19. Thanks for the advice. When i get the bike i will order from the U.S the slip on. I dont think i will need the full system. Probably already has more power than i will need. Now i just have to wait three more weeks to get of my restrictions. Counting down the days.
  20. Have you checked out how much insurance will cost for an R1?