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Best position in Lane?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by evelknievel75, Jun 1, 2011.

  1. I've picked up 3 nails in the last month and had them all repaired.....it's got me wondering, we does all the crap normally reside in a lane ( nails, small brackets etc ) that can be picked up by tyres?

    middle of the lane or on the left or right where car tyres normally go?

    ( I aint been splitting either ) :-s
  2. I think it's a lottery with nails and stuff, to be honest, but I always avoid the centre part of the lane in the wet 'cos that's where cars and trucks drop oil, particularly at intersections and after bumps.....
  3. You'd think the crap ends up everywhere except along the tyre tracks of other vehicles. I'd say most crap ends up alongside the road, on the outer edges of a lane. Stuff in the middle can get thrown about when a car passes over it, I guess.
  4. I'm with Hornet, it's a lottery IMO. The other mentality is keep your tyres where car tires go, in theory that area is more likely to be"swept" clean by all the cars.
  5. Ride in the cars wheel tracks. On a dual lane road. One side for each direction then the right wheel track.
    Two lanes going either way;
    Left lane right wheel track. This keeps you in their drivers mirror and leaves you room to maneuver.
    Right lane left wheel track. his keep you in the rear view mirror of the car in front and the drivers mirror of the car in the left lane. It also gives you room to maneuver. You don't want to be hard up against a center island or lane divider.
    In the middle of the wheel tracks and left of the road is where all the crap is swept.
    If you can avoid having a front tyre repaired don't do it. Get a new one.
  6. not quite to do with avoiding debri, but what would be the best position regarding multilane roads like the freeway.

    I get the stay in the right hand wheel track unless buffering oncoming traffic etc, but thats not quite the case on the freeway.

    If you are cruising in the left lane i would tend to think to stay in the left hand wheel track as cars overtake you, maybe moving to the right as you go passed vehicles in the breakdown lane/overtake merging cars.

    If you are overtaking in the right lane, i would keep right.

    But what of the middle lane? Is it just sort of make sure you are going significantly (not extremely) faster than the cars you are overtaking, so you dont hover long in blind spots? Obviously best position would be to the right if you are not being overtaken. But if you are being overtaken, do you stay to the right given that those overtaking you should notice you more easily than those you are overtaking and are less likely to try and take your space?
  7. Three lanes all going the same way.
    Left lane right wheel track.
    Middle lane. Buffer between the left and right wheel tracks. Make yourself be seen
    Right lane left wheel track.
    The middle lane is a death trap for bikes. they can come at you from either way. Best bet. Sit in the flow of the right lane or potter in the left.
  8. hmm, now why would i want to be in the right hand wheel track while in the left lane if im buffering traffic on my right?
    Is it to make yourself more easliy seen by overtaking cars?
    likewise for the right lane?
  9. Because I said. LOL sorry.
    It's the safest place. You have room to move around you. You are where you can be seen.
    Say your in the left lane left wheel track and in between two cars. A cager will not see you till he is trying to fill the void that is you. Same for the right. Last thing you want to be is between a rock and a hard place. Or in this case a car and the edge of the road.
    Cars cause very little buffering. A truck well yeah. So when you see one coming then move over to the other wheel track till it passes.
    Non if this is written in stone either. On a bike to ride safe you should be constantly making judgement calls. If he does that or this I am going here or there. It keeps you amused, alert and alive.
  10. multi lane = splitt'n right down the middle baby.. couldn't resist
  11. I'm always in the right wheel track. On multi lane roads, the far left lane.
  12. The best position on the road is the position which gives you the greatest safety or the greatest options to escape. As traffic moves around and as the road surface changes, the best place to be is also likely to change.

    You should be assessing hazards, real and potential, as you ride and position yourself to give you the best chance of avoiding them.

    This not only affects your position in the lane but also which lane is best to be in.

    And I am pretty sure this has been debated at length in the past.
  13. Here ya go mate, problem solved

  14. What about when there is oncoming traffic? Do you still stay in the right wheel track?
  15. [MENTION=22523]GreyBM[/MENTION] - Excellent Advice!

    [MENTION=25428]goz[/MENTION] - That tire sealant is awesome! Can you get it in Australia?
  16. Yep, because it gives me the best view of what's ahead in my lane and oncoming traffic. It also allows you to be visible in both the rear view and right hand side mirror of the car in front. The exception is if there is a big truck in the oncoming lane - I will then move into the left wheel track to try and avoid as much wind as possible.
  17. What I said still applies. If you are in potential danger from oncoming traffic move to the left more unless there is even greater potential threat there. Assess your threats and then ride where you minimise your risks.
  18. wouldnt u move more towards the middle in this case because if the truck does blow you over a bit you dont want to end up too far over. i guess i get blown around more on my 250 though lol
  19. I stick to the right wheel track most of the time especially when im stopped at lights. As for highways, im generally in the middle. My bike is fells planted on the road but i still change to the left wheel track when i see a truck coming. Of course this could all change pending potholes, etc.
  20. just wondering why you stop in the right wheel track at lights?

    i generally do too btw, but last weekend i was up the front in the right wheel track, just before the lights go green, i hear a rev behind me and i catch a glimpse in my mirror another bike split up to the front and was right on my ass. As soon as they went green i quickly duck to the left so he could fit through and he still almost hit me. there was plenty of room in the right lane for him too ](*,)