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Best places in Sydney to go shopping for Helmets

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Memphis, Dec 3, 2008.

  1. Hey guys.

    I'm going shopping for helmets today, just wondering if anyone has some shops that are better than others?

    I'm either going to buy a Shoei, Arai or Shark.

    Was going to look at Motorcycle Accessorie Supermarket (They are just up the road, Liverpool)
    Action Motorcycles (Parramatta)

    Does anyone have other ideas?

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  3. mcas has big range of shoi and arai. not sure about shark,i think they have them..
  4. Last time I checked MCAS didn't stock Shark although the Liverpool store had one RSR2 in large in the corser design. Can't remember the price but from memory it was slightly cheaper than the Sydney City Motorcycles sale price for the Muggeridge. I'd suggest that Sydney City would be your best bet for trying them on, if the RSR2 in large is the right fit you could always give MCAS a call to see if they still have it.

    And yes, the only difference between the Muggeridge on sale and any other RSR2 is the colour/pattern and the price.
  5. Cool, thanks fellas.

    I'm not too fussed about having the latest graphics on the helmet, as long as it fits right and still looks good then its fine, so if I can save around $400 just bacuse it was last years gfx then fine by me :D
  6. there is the helmet warehouse at yagoona (on the hume hwy).

    Bough my last helmet at sydney city when they were at Casula. Now at Campbelltown
  7. Wow all you guys live close by me, I probably gave you a nod as you pass me, well i saw a cheap helmet at liverpool supermarket, the yellow shop, with an AGV at more than half price, but they only has 1 in small and the other in xxl, I am still kicking myself for missing out on the shark sale at sydney city last year, saw them there, in my size M, the next day went back and only XS or XL left, shame.
    Why do you want shark? most helmets are as good as each other, its the graphics which you dont care about, so just try them on to see what fits, red barron at liverpool has some specials down the back of the store too.
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  9. +1 to the helmet warehouse

    i got my shoei there and haven't seen it cheaper anywhere else
  10. not sure how competetive they are on price in comparison with other places. but i have found bike biz in parramata, the sales people are very friendly and helpful. and they always do a deal, so the asking price is never what u pay.
  11. +1 for the helmet warehouse. Great set of guys working there, family run business and great prices. Marco the guy who runs the shop will sort you out and make sure you get a helmet that fits you right. He talked me out of a more expensive helmet for a better fitting one. How many shops do you know that will do that.

    They also talked me out of getting a M2R Jacket. As the guys said, its stand for Made 2 Rip.

    Basically their philosophy is that they want repeat customers not just to make a quick buck. I highly recommend them.
  12. Thanks for all the advise guys.

    Looked at the two stores posted in my first comments, my friend purchased a Shoei TZ-R Lance $480.00

    I on the other hand, am still without a helmet, tried the Shark RSR2 Medium and I couldn't get it over my head! Tried the RSR2 X-Large and was too big, they are getting in a Large tomorrow, so see how that goes.

    Sydney City Motorcycles have got some good prices atm, but no Large in RSR2 and the special has only been on for 2 days!

    Checked out The Helmet Warehouse online just before, the Shoei XR-1000 Rogue (Limited Edition) $630.00 and it was $799 at Sydney Cycles, so thats a killer price.

    But yeah, back to square 1!!! Altho the Shoei XR-1000 Helmets did fit quite well.
  13. Head to Bikebiz in Parramatta. Ask for Clint, by far the most helpful person I have met when it comes to bike gear. The XR100 is a fantastic helmet :)
  14. Tried on the Shark RSR2, Medium virtually ripped my ears off getting it on and off, and the Large was too big! So thats out the window.

    Tried on the Shoei XR-1000, fits really well.
    Spoke to Marko at The Helmet Warehouse and he has given me a really good price on a Shoei.

    :grin: Heading there tomorrow to hopefully pickup mine and probably some Boots too.

    Any recommendations on boots? I was thinking:

    What does eveyone here wear on there feet?
  15. Procycles is doing 30% off all helmets at the moment I believe.
  16. Finally purchased my helmet from Helmet Warehouse, they are a really good bunch of guys. Really enjoyed the experience.

    Picked up a XR-1000 Castor


    Recieved a good price for the helmet, picked up some boots while I was there.

    Now all I need is some pants :grin:
  17. Try Red Baron as they have some specials on kevlar pants. I picked up a pair of cargoes a month or so back for about $150. Dunno if they still on sale.
  18. I'm glad they sorted you out. I told you they were a great set of guys at the helmet warehouse.

    I love dealing with people who give old fashioned service and sales support.

  19. Dont like helmet Warehouse, Bought a jacket off them, the guy was on my back the whole time, like he was rushing me, he seemed to get the shits each time I asked him if he could get a larger size down off the rack as they stack them high. He was the fat bloke, dont know if the others are ok. Ended up getting the jacket, But not happy with it, the sleeves are a little too long, but the size smaller is too tight, he should have talked me out of getting it, but looks like he wanted the sale. The old guy at red barron seems to be good for customer service, so is the tall skinny guy at sydney city mc in the city, came for a spare and ended up getting offered a test ride of the DN01. Fat, old , tall, sorry dont know any of their names :p
  20. Yeah, I didn't get any of that with Marko from Helmet Warehouse.

    I think I tried on a few different boots, jumped on some bikes out the front, talked me through the helmet and correct fitting.

    Never felt rushed by him at all.