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best place to watch MotoGP at Phillip Island

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by vossy, May 10, 2007.

  1. General Admission

  2. Reserved Seating

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  3. VIP tent

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  4. Trackside Campground

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  1. It's that time of the year where by I organise a group of mates to our annual trip to the MotoGP.( our 14th year) ](*,)
    Every year we have a few beers and discuss who's doing what and when, then get the numbers together and book our usual house etc.
    During our discussion every year we have this debate ](*,) on where the best place is to watch the event. Most times we will try one spot on a friday, another on a saturday and decide on a spot for sunday. (usually on the hill next to the siberia stand)
    In the 14years I have been going I have only had a reserved seat once :grin: , many years ago. So I think I or we should go the reserved seat or even VIP tent or something this year. [-o<
    Hope I'm not leaving this too late to organise. 8-[
    So what do you guys think? :-s
    This will give me somthing to take back to the guys and say what about it!

    P.S. Sorry guys for originally posting this in the wrong section yesterday.
    my eyes must be painted on . Didnt read the small print above this section. :facepalm: eg; MotoGP
  2. Southern stand.
  3. they don't have a southern stand anymore. Not for a couple of years or so.
  4. 1. Get there early and onto one of the Siberia dirt mound viewing areas.

    2. Get there really early for a good spot at Lukey Heights.

    3. Get there late and might as well be at the end of the main straight because everywhere else will be pretty much full (unless people have held some space for you).
  5. Treat yourself, go V.I.P. I have done it that way for the last 5 years and have never looked back. I get twice daily pit walks, event is fully catered with shelter / own grandstand / track T.V. on the tables / lawn area out front with tables and chairs, access to the infield, storage area for helmets ect, the riders do an autograph session as well as attend a dinner function where they speak and provide valuable insight (Rossi / Burgess / Edwards ect.)
    You will have to see what the individual packages have to offer to see if it suits you but for me it makes it twice the event it used to be.
  6. +1. great atmosphere, great view of the straight, southern loop, honda and siberia corners before disappearing into the haysheds and finally good view of the screen to watch MG, 11 & 12. sunny day, great people - perfect.
  7. I find the VIP area very "Hotel California".
  8. I'd like to try a VIP area, so will look into it this year just to see which one offers what and maybe make a decision then. :-k
    The classic is that most of my mates that go are bits of tight arses :butt: so they won't want to do a VIP tent-- and they earn alot more than me. :-({|=
    Maybe the more money you earn the tighter your arse becomes. :nopity:
  9. i tend to go general. bit more vaiety that way, and as i take my digicam with me i like to get shots from different parts of the track.

    i usually watch the race and the SBK races from somewhere between tuns 11 and 12.
  10. VIP sounds like fun but to get the most out of it you would have to be there for all three days. At $895 it doesn't come cheap.
  11. Mmmmm $895 not this year I dont think
    For that money I'd probably go mental and drink like a fish and not remember anything about the whole weekend. So pissing $895 up against the wall. Maybe not.
  12. Anyone watched it from the Bass Strait stand before......Your opinion please?
  13. The price has gone up every year, this year it's $595. This includes your 3 day admission. Still expensive, but remember you are comfortably seated for the duration, waiters / waitresses serving you food & drinks throughout the day on top of self serve breakfast / lunch. You are sheltered with track T.V. on the tables. Two pit walks daily if you choose, the riders do autograph signings on anything you bring in. Own grandstand, garden area out front, access to the infield. You get a small welcome pack (cap, jumper or Tee shirt, sunblock, program ect.) Storage area for your helmet, jacket ect.
    You pay more but if you put a value on everything it isn't all that bad.
  14. $595 actually isn't bad value for what you get as long as you are going the 3 days (or even 2).

    It starts to look a tad pricey if you are just going for Sunday afternoon :)
  15. Bass is O.K, but Siberia is better
  16. best view is to watch it on the big screen at showgirls, in King st.
  17. Perhaps you could become a track marshal and watch 2m from the track for free. probably the best spot, but cant get juiced all day, whcih is a clear downside.
  18. Unless they move showgirls to Phillip Island I won't be watching it there. :(
    Sounds good though :wink: