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best place to snap domestic flights

Discussion in 'Non-Bikes' at netrider.net.au started by nobby, Sep 26, 2010.

  1. Hi guys, Don't know the Tullamarine side of town too well and want to head over with my new lens and snap some shots of domestic flights .. can anybody give me some direction, gps point on where to set up for that "interesting" shot.

  2. http://goo.gl/maps/fq9z

    Right at the end of the runway where the golf club is, there is a spot for plane watchers.
    Also: on operations road further along
    Side on view of planes landing and taking off,

    On Sunbury road where planes come in to land there is another observation spot,

    otherwise head down to avalon as they do nothing but domestic but don't know the photo spots there.
  3. Three Locations

    There is a couple of spots on sunbury road, look for the dirt areas.
  4. my lens is too small but heres one i took the other week

    go past the airport, head towards sunbury, then turn left at the roundabout when youve passed bulla, on the road to diggers, but keep going and dont turn to go to diggers

    these takes at neither of the above locations, a great viewing point for rwy 27/09

    not great quality as they have been resized heaps and cropped and lost quality emailing them here and uploading etc...

  5. Nice shots Andrew, the google maps posted highlight those 3 areas.
    Normally If I go to Sunbury road they are landing.
    Must be the right weather conditions
  6. Nickers must be flying that plane in the last photo, its going sideways :D
  7. Smee, Thera, Andrew, thanks heaps, will pack my new lens and tripod and have a play ...
  8. rwy 27 gets more use than you'd think, everyday the little birds usually use it take off when theyre landing on 16

    then they quite often land on 27 at night unless theyre using 16, obviously depending on wind conditions, rare to see a330 and bigger use 27, but singapore a380 was the first to use 27 to certify the runway for a380 a few months ago, still never seen qantas use it though fot the 380... i work at the airport so i see more than enough planes land everyday
  9. Andrew what's the name of the road where you got those shots?
  10. cant get the map to work for me just shows the above one

    google 175 loemans rd

    thats pretty much the exact spot

    right here
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    they do that if there is a crosswind


    45 seconds is a great example.
  12. Cool Thanks Andrew
  13. The northern end of McNabbs Rd out past the rear of the control tower is where you can legally get the closest to planes as they turn off the runway and taxi back towards the terminal.


    Easiest way to find it is to take the Green Gully Rd exit off the Calder and head North towards the airport, at the top of the hill you can go left or right (go LEFT) follow that road until you pass the control tower but obviously a westerly has to be blowing to make it worthwhile. Beware, the road turns to gravel just past the control tower for the last 200m or so.
  14. Hahaha ! Guess I had too many drinks the night before ! ;)
    How did ya know it was me dude ? :D
  15. Rare indeed, mate.
    Seen it once, thanks to a strong westerly breeze (making landing on either 16/34 not possible - Max X-wind limits exceeded)...
    Amazing how well the A330 pulls up even on the shorter RWY 27, again, aided by a healthy surface wind.
    It goes without saying 'MED' autobrake and full reverse thrust were still employed for the landing roll, to err on the side of conservatism/safety (we're professionals ;) ) though 'LO' autobrake and idle reverse would have easily pulled us up before the end with winds of that strength (40KTS+)
  16. how about for us sydney folk?

    suggestions for best vantage for international flights?

    spur of the moment this is as close as i got waiting for a friend to take-off.(1hr later and she finally took off!)

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  17. We used to use 27 for landings if it was the duty runway most of the time in the 747-400. Really, though, it depends on the weight of the aircraft and the winds at the time. Most of the long haul stuff will use the long runway simply because they are unable to get off the shorter one at the heavier weights. For what it's worth 27 is certified for autolands as is 16 in Mel. Some guys also just prefer to have an ILS rather than a non precision approach. Horses for courses....
  18. (y) NUT.
    We land fairly close to MLW most of the time, so the ILS onto 16, or even the RNAV 34 suits me wonderfully ;)
  19. ill be standing out on the apron like i do everyday, but im on nights for a few weeks cos i like nights... anyway give us a wave as you fly over the fence (rwy27) LOL

    i can get some great shots from the ramp and taxiways, but im too lazy to take the dslr into work

    heres one i toog with the old iPhone 3G 2mpx crappy unit, might put the iPhone 4 to use tomorrow, maybe dslr on the weekend by request cos the weather is going to be good

    if you look close you can see the QF engineer on his cart cruise around the plane and off to the right LOL