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Best place to go riding in Melb (vic)

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by Shiftt, Sep 19, 2007.

  1. What is every ones suggestions best rides they have had?

  2. Depends what sort of riding you like - long, straight - fast twisties, slow twisties, which side of melbourne? (North-east to east melbourne is the most abundant twistie roads I find - Out west has them, but there is too much straight to get to them :p)

    Did 400ks yesterday out east doing "research"/riding for my anniversary (Yarra valley wineeries).

    For me, chum crek road, kinglake road, Any Gembrook road, reefton spur, black spur, donna buang (sic) summit road, the top half of the flowerdale-broadford road, just about any epping to wherever road.

    Fun times :p
  3. Around Mt Dandy tourist road is good fun.
  4. True, if you want a fast 7-minute road, mountain highway is the one
  5. I never get sick of st andrews-kinglake rd. Always keeps me on my toes and the confidence in check.....
  6. My favorite once the weather warms up slightly would have to be the ride to Mt Baw Baw. The ride from Noogee (however you spell it) is so good.
    And not to many people!!

  7. I'm also looking for places
  8. Bonang Hwy - Orbost to Bombala is the most. More twisties than any other road I've riden and the surface is good. My concentration took so much of a pounding I was glad to break out into the flat land north of Orbost. With stops for fuel at Delegate, a drink at Bonang, and photos, it took a leisurely 4 hours. And some 20km dirt in 2 sections as well.
  9. Yeah, especially if you like the pretty much non stop 60kmh limits, single lane traffic, pletora of picnikin Sunday drivers, and persistent, p-p-p-police presence. :soapbox:
    Roads great, pitty about the rest. But yes it is my personal I got couple hours -thats it tops, spot I head for.

    If you want a good hoot that goes for awhile, Warrandyte- St.Andrews- Kinglake- Toolangi- Healsville- Black Spur- Marysville- Lake Mountain- Reefton- Warburton- Woori Yallock- Healsville- Yarra Glen is a nice round loop d loop :tantrum: that comes to mind.
  10. All of them! Victoria is God's own bike riding country!
  11. Can anyone recommend good rides for someone still building up their confidence (so am looking for experience - preferably avoiding freeways or super windy roads which can be for down the track).

    Have ridden to Williamstown a few times now - so looking for a similar place that I can ride to for a lunch.. and then back again - but somewhere different for a chance. I live inner West (in case that's relevant).
  12. The Warrandyte - Kangaroo Grounds - Christmas Hills - Yarra Glen - Healesville Route I find a great introduction to twisty roads. Not exactly technical, average speed limit of 80 with some fairly open sweepers and some tight-ish corners and little traffic.

    Best bit is from Healesville you can head in any direction and get to some more challenging roads. For me the short route would be up Chum Creek to Kinglake and down St. Andrews back to Warrandyte. A longer option would be Black spur Lake mountain and the routes Movin mentioned. Or spend the whole afternoon cutting laps of the spur.
  13. To keep the ride gentle from Healesville you can head down to Woori Yallock then take the Warburton highway back to Lilydale (or turn off at Clegg Rd to get to Canterbury rd via Mt Evelyn.)
  14. When you're ready to go a little further, try this: Get on the Ring Road (it's not that bad on the weekends), off at Plenty Road - Whittlesea - Kinglake West - Flowerdale - Yea (and back again). Nice roads with some windy bits, but not TOO challenging.