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Best place to get a RWC in (or around) Ringwood

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by NovaCoder, Oct 21, 2005.

  1. Obviously I'd prefer someone who's not too strict as I'm a bit worried about the end-can and brake-lines being 100% legal. Then again, when I brought the bike from PS in the city it came with that end-can on it :?:

    Thanx :D
  2. Whats the rwc for???? For you or for selling?
  3. The search feature.

    A wondorous mystery of internet forums.
  4. The search feature...

    Always showing old information....

    Most things change, or new people come along with other/better ideas etc.... I have never understood the mentality of people on forums goin on about the search feature.... that is all :p

    Oh and ive always found that if something you bought came with a rwc and it wasnt, ie the can in your situation. Take it back to the same place that did the RWC and mention the things to them and they genearlly wont give you any trouble...
  5. Yep might just do that :D