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best place to do first track day in vic?

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by BiG DaN91, Jun 17, 2011.

  1. ive been thinking of doing the HART course at broadford, is this a good start to getting on the track? are there any recommended courses i should look at? phillip island maybe?

    also im still on red P's riding a vtr250, should i wait till i get my next bike (gsxr750) or would it be useful to have experience on my current bike?
    or is it possible for me to use a bigger bike at the track day without having green P's? (hire one or borrow a friends)

  2. ^^ I agree. These day's are perfectly tailored to new riders and there is plenty of knowledgable people in hand for first timers.
    Get out there on your VTR and get some experience on that bike which will inturn set you up for when you upgrade to something bigger.
    I think you can hire gixxer 600's on this day but don't quote me.
    Broadford is a good entry into track days as it's a tight, technical track and PI is that plus a whole lot more, faster speeds being the biggest factor.

    I'll be heading down to Broadford next week so if you decide to come, let me know and I can help you out with what I know and show you round'.

  3. PI is hard work on a naked bike and it's very high speeds so can be intimidating if you are new to track days.

    I agree with the other posters, Broadford is a great place to get your eye in, it's tight and technical and an absolute ball no matter what bike you are on. I would also suggest taking the VTR, riding a 600cc suspersport rental bike at your first track day coming from a 250cc has the potential for a lot of tears.

    Highly recommend the PMCC road race fun days at Broadford, you get classroom tuition from some very experienced guys and gals, and then get to practice your new skills on the track...again with some tips from the pro's. These days cater from first timers to very experienced riders so there is a group to suit everybody.

    Hopefully we see you next weekend\\:D/
  4. do i need full leathers to do it because i just have a dririder jacket and kevlar jeans. is there anything i need to do to my bike before going? id probs be riding there unless my friend with a trailer wants to come so i wouldnt be able to take indicators etc off

    maybe ill just come check it out and see whats involved then try it next time
  5. Full leathers are required either 1 piece suit or jacket and pants that zip together... Bike needs to be safe so, decent tyres, brakes, chain and sprockets etc.... remove any ventura racks or topboxes, tape up the lights and go. Even if you don't participate it's still a great day out, ride the bike up, bring your camera get an idea of what the days about and talk shit...maybe volunteer to do a bit of marshalling. I think Johnny O was mentioning something about a track day as being a form of payment for marshalling on the day...only thing better than a track day is a free one!
  6. yeah i think ill head up if the weather is nice and im not busy just to check things out. getting my 25000km service next week and my tyres are fairly new so my bike should be fine, just gotta get some leathers!!

    how often do these run? are there other courses on at broadford i should check out too?
  7. Varies, but 2-3 times a year (?) for Preston MCC days. These are cheaper than the commercially run training and track days at Broadford (Champions), but all are OK.
  8. PMCC used to run them twice a year, start and end of year however due to higher demand a third one was squeezed in as far as I know. It is a fun day and if you are not going to ride, see if you can join as marshal on the track and move between corners between sessions. Gives you an idea and a different view angle on how different riders take their corners...may they be wrong or right. Always a fun day and judging from the BoM website, it'll be a sunny dry day :).
  9. in regards to leathers whats the pro's and con's of each? i think i read somewhere you need a 1 piece for phillip island so it would be pretty silly to buy a 2 piece suit then yeah?
    can you wear the jacket for everyday riding or is it not comfortable?
    do they all come with those big back protectors?
  10. You can use 2 pce at PI as long as they zip together,well i did anyway
  11. you can use a 2 piece at the island. usually the jacket will have a sort of protector in it, but not the big back protectors. you dont need a back protector (i dont think) but its handy to have.
  12. A 1 piece is probably the safer one due to not having to zip together...which minimises a potential point of failure in a crash. I've had the dubious pleasure of sliding down the road in my 2 piece at well over 100kph at the island and it held up pretty well, no problems where it zipped together either.

    I've got both and the 1 piece is good for the track but a pain in the arse for the road. I would suggest you get a 2 piece then you can zip it together and do track days or just wear the jacket with some draggins etc when on the street.

    Alot of jackets/suits have a pocket for a back protector insert these days, one suggestion if you are buying a suit is to allow the room for thermals and back protector when trying on sizes. Wearing leathers in winter can get pretty damn cold, a good set of thermals underneath helps keep the chill out.
  13. Stay upright do their cornering and braking courses at Broady, there's another option if you wanna give it a gentle crack before throwing yourself straight into the chaos of a track day.
  14. Did stayupright advanced at broadford quite some time ago,ok for new riders but boring as bat shit if you have a number of years under your belt.
    The race school is much better value and newbies to experienced will all learn something.