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Best place to buy used motorcycles?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by nightgash, Feb 5, 2007.

  1. From everyones experience where is the best place to look to buy used motorcycles that are not a ripoff?

    I had a look at the red book value of some bikes I'm interested in and was surprised that a lot of bikes are selling for way more than they are really worth. Is it that I am looking in the wrong place or is the red book value wrong?

  2. RedBook value fails to take into account 1 simple thing: demand.

    It compensates slightly for perceived value and market trends, etc. But even though we all know a 15 year old CBR250 that has been crashed 3 times and done 48,000K's isn't worth $6300... they still askit and sometimes get it, because SOMEONE has to have a faired 250 and hasn't bothered to look at a 2nd hand GS500F.

    If you watch the Trading Post often enough you'll see bargains pop up - but the problem is, they get snapped up pretty quick too.
    Check trading post & bikepoint.com.au for your preferred brand and model and sort by most recent listings, every morning.

    See what pops up ^_^
  3. the GS500F do not suit fairing, looks better naked.

    And for the cbr's, hell go off and get a zxr250, paying less and getting a faster bike.

    Best place to get motorcycles, if you don't mind getting your hands dirty and doing repairs you could try your local wreckers, you know those repairable write offs.
  4. If the Red Book value of motorcycles is based on previous selling prices, and we are now seeing an increase in selling prices compared to Red Book value, is it safe to say that the demand for used motorcycles is increasing? Are less people buying new bikes causing a reduction in bikes entering the market and subsequently being sold second hand, thus restricting supply and increasing the price? Or are more people getting their motorbike licence and the demand for used motorcycles is increasing.

    I know in Victoria at least, 250CC sale prices are artificially inflated by VicRoads licencing requirements forcing riders onto 260cc or below on their learners and restricted/probationary licences. Is the increase in average selling price just due to inflation which Red Book has not accounted for?

    Does anyone know the statistics of new bike sales and licence holders compared to previous years?
  5. It really depends.

    I don't have any stats for you, but you're right in that with a mandatory 'tour of duty' on a restricted displacement bike - those bikes in a desireable style will command more cash for the joy of owning them.
    And a wider market, with increased demand means higher demand for 2nd hand imported 4-cyl 250's with pretty fairings and paint-jobs. This drives prices up.

    ... but on the other hand, because such a market is there, you have lower cost alternatives like Hyosung GT250R's etc. that have the advantage of being NEW, coming with a WARRANTY, and being a more easily insured official AUSSIE import.
    When the Hyosung brand no longer brings the slight fear or wariness in consumers that it does now, and everyone recognises them as a decent quality manufacturer, prices of everything else will come down into line with actual value.

    But until then - and I know it sucks - Mr Smith is going to ask whatever he can get for his Tri-Colour CBR250.
  6. Just today I bought a bike I found on bikesales.com.au .. it was a 03 VTR250, in perfect nick, with only 7100K's on the clock priced at the lower end of the redbook range.. Went over tonight with a mate who knows bikes (20 years experience), he checked it over, all good so I put a deposit on it .. delivered on Friday ( private sale ). Bike comes with a RWC, new rear pads, and has just done its 6500Km major service. VERY HAPPY..

    I had been looking at various places for a VTR250, and yes, most do quote way over the redbook value, but good deals do happen if your patient enough (I've been looking EVERYDAY for over 4weeks now) .. I got lucky on this one, his asking was towards the low end of the redbook range as he wanted a quick sale .. I just did a quick last minute search last night before going to bed, and bingo this new advert had appeared, emailed him immediately, ( 2am this morning)

    Guess you just need to check everywhere often, and get onto it quick if you feel its for you .. The bike I bought was posted and sold in under 24hrs. So, if you had not done a search between 10pm last night, and 8pm tonight, you would never know the bike had come and gone.. The seller was stunned at how quick he sold it.

    Good luck in yr search. Good 250cc bikes in redbook range do pop up..
  7. there really is no best place, its all in the hunt, and timing.

    get all over every classified site/paper/noticeboard like a fat kid on a smartie ;)
  8. ....and if your tracking some bikes that are sitting around and not selling for the stoopid prices they're asking, make them an offer you're prepared to walk away from. You might get a bite, and a bargain that no-one else found.

  9. I found the ZX2Rs to be newer than CBR250s, but more expensive. Maybe I was in the wrong places. As for which goes faster, you really have to test-ride them. So go great, others are worn out.

    So how much do you think I could get for my tri? It's only been dropped a few times :rofl: . Still, I love my baby.
  10. The zxr250's i've ridden all have hit 200km/h easy..um..on tracks of course.
  11. I've only ever wanted a bike for the streets. I wouldn't have a clue about track bikes. My blade gets to 190 on little country roads, maybe with my new suspension and without the bumps she could go great on the track. Don't know, don't care. It's not why I bought her. To be honest I narrowed my most recent purchase down to the CBR and ZX2R. For what I wanted, finances and the bikes I tested, the CBR won. But yeah, I would have been wrapped with either.
  12. Well having bought and sold three bikes in less than 12 months, all I'll say is don't be greedy when selling, tell them the bottom price you want and the bike will sell. Sold over $35K of bikes to the first person interested each time. Any "loss" was offset by no stuffing around to strangers, a friend has your bike which you can always ride again and you also then know exactly what you have to spend on the next bike purchase :cool:

    I wonder how many bikes sell via netrider, as I was lucky enough to sell my bikes to three people that I knew - one via work and two via Forums.

    Buying is also fun - find out what the market can bear with price (check ebay for rock bottom prices) and more importantly know the different models. Sometimes one year model will be priced much less than the next years - but the next years model has something bigger and better so is worth more now and more importantly when you go to sell.

    Two of the three bikes I bought were from dealers (one new) so warranty was important to me on these models and I didn't mind paying a premium for the peace of mind. If buying via a dealer, go the last few days of the month when targets and bonus commissions start to become important.

    Having said all that, if you are talking $500 price difference, is it worth it to miss out on the bike you really want?
  13. your not suppose to admit to doing anything over 110km/h on the road.

    We like to call them private roads. :)
  14. Hmmm... thanks!

    I didn't say I was riding it, or if it was public. These are just stories my bike has told me :LOL:
  15. Well aslong as we cleared it up!
  16. Thanks for the informative posts everyone! :)