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Best place to buy slicks in Brisbane

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by slideways, Aug 13, 2012.

  1. My Track bike needs a new rear tyre before a track day next Wednesday

    .. I called around a couple places today..


    and Brisbane Motorcycle Tyres..

    nobody wanted to answer the phone?

    Anyone know of some tyre places, that are actually open for business selling slick tyres in Brisbane ?

    edit: Just realised maybe this belongs in Vendors? If it does can a mod move it rather than deleting?? Thanks!
  2. I've seen Brisbane Motorcycle Tyres ignore phone calls because they were simply too busy dealing with customers actually in their shop. They are certainly open for business though and I'd suggest trying them again, perhaps early in the morning (I've had no trouble getting through to them at 9:30am).
  3. Champions Ride Days sells Dunlop slicks
  4. ^^ pretty sure they're used though.
    i'd imagine any bike shop can order slicks
  5. Ended up calling Brisbane motorcycle tyres again today and they picked up, yay.

    I like the sound of that motorcycle tyre warehouse, but they don't tell you where their stores are..

    I don't think I would feel right buying tyres of the web, then going into a tyre shop and asking them to be fitted.
  6. What rear were you chasing btw? Con at bris mc tyres has always made tyres available when needed, he will charge a little extra for fitting tyres bought elsewhere, but just as much as champions do ($25/wheel) so whether you do it there or at the track is prob just more time on the warmers ready for first session. Tyres for bikes or Mick's tyres at Brendale would be the other 2 I'd call up.