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Best place to buy gear

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Hartski, Dec 25, 2009.

  1. Hey there peoples,

    Im new to all this and im looking to pick up a good mesh jacket and a pair of boots. I got given a good pair of Mars leathers as a hand me down from my big bro.

    First off the options for jackets on websites are huge, im looking for some thing around the $200 mark that isnt leather and will offer some protection skipping along the road.

    What are the best retailers i can check out around town? and would the Elizabeth st ones be more expensive by default? is my best option to try on some jackets then buy one from an internet site thats the same size?

    thanks folks any help you can offer is much appreciated.
  2. Hey mate,

    From what I know I'm yet to find a textile jacket that has held up as well after an off as leather. But man... leather in summer can get bad.

    Anyway, best to try some on at stores. If you really must, get the sizes and order online from the states or similar while the dollar's still good. Look for textile stuff with quality stitching and CE armour.
  3. Try AMX in either bayswater or keilor or the place next to a1 in ringwood cant remember their name at the moment.I have a joe rocket textile that I found out the hard way will slide down the road at 70 kph with out a scratch.Cost about $120.
  4. Rjays octane jacket. CE armour, waterproof inner. Very happy with mine.
  5. thanks guys, will check out AMX on monday.

    With leather pants im wanting a textile jacket so i dont boil, cant ride in a puddle of sweat. will invest in a winter jacket when i need too, i only ride for fun and not to get to work so think i should be ok in a textile jacket. good to hear it held up down the road at 70 clicks.

    thanks again people.