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best place to buy gear in Melbourne?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by cossie, Nov 4, 2005.

  1. Just got my L's and need to get kitted out, where in Melbourne has a really good range of stuff.
    Im close to Dandenong area - does peter stevens carry much?

    Im after cordura type jacket and pants (needs to be waterproof other wise draggins would do I guess) as well as helmet, gloves etc.

    Otherwise I guess its a trip to Elizabeth St or Bell st is it?
  2. Try bikemart in ringwood.
    Theres a netrider shopping night on the 30th 15% off stuff.
    Do a search for bikemart in the search function.
  3. yeah I saw the netrider night on the 30th but it a couple of weeks too late :(

    Also as they dont appear to have a website its difficult to know if they have much in the way of clothing?
  4. Bikemart has 3 other bike shops right near it so you should get a reasonable selection.

    A1 Ringwood (right next door)
    Nova Honda (about 10 doors further out the maroondah Hwy)
    *spit* Peter Stevens *spit* (about 10 doors further in the maroondah Hwy)

    Then you have the Heidelburg Motorbike precinct
    Redwing Honda
    Stafford Yamaha
    Scooter World
    and a purely accessory place which the name escapes me

    Elizabeth Motorbike Precinct

    Dandenong Precinct

    Brighton Precinct

    Nova Honda is open of a Sunday I believe.
  5. If you're heading to Bell St, Heidelburg Hights, I can highly recommend 2 shops. Stafford Yamaha have sold me most of my gear (including my last bike) and I have been astounded by the exceptional quality of their service and willingness to give discounts, usually without asking. All the gear has lived up to and past expectaions and any prob I ever had with the bike was sorted out free of charge in the first 6 months (It never missed a beat after that). Rider's edge also is definately worth a look. I may be a tad biased because I work with the owner's wife but I have bought a fair bit of gear there and again the service is unbeatable and the pricing is quite good.

    There is another bike dealer on that strip, but they're giving me the shits at the moment because they can't do what they say they will and it all takes much longer than they promise. Doesn't matter because they overcharge on gear anyway. You could go there to check out the stock as the range is quite large, but order it from the other 2 dealers if you find something they don't have. :D