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Best place to buy a Honda in Melbourne

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Pugsly, Apr 21, 2013.

  1. After doing a fair amount of research and asking a bunch of questions and throwing a leg over a few bikes I'm fairly certain I want the new CB500F.

    I live in the SE and work in the CBD, and the only places nearby that sell Honda that I've been able to find are Peter Stevens.

    I've been in to chat about the new bikes, and they aren't budging on price. I can happily lay the folding stuff on the table, but no dice. On top of that I'm less comfortable buying from them after reading some of the other threads.

    I'm not too worried about a bit of a jaunt somewhere, so can anyone recommend somewhere that sells Honda bikes around Melb?


  2. PS sales are actually quite good. Also the service dep in Ringwood is good too.
    Not sure if you asked them, but Metro Honda are good too, Ringwood again.

    If you aren't sure, I'd say just buy from PS Ringwood.

    But don't take my word for it. I have limited knowledge comparing to others on the forum here.
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  3. My Moped came from Metro Honda in Ringwood, I had no problems with them, Good service, They did my rebuild when I stacked it a few years back,
  4. i doubt your going to find a shop that will give you a discount for a brand new model that is likely to sell like hotcakes. Put up or shutup.
  5. Instead of moving on price (unlikely on a new model), you might do better negotiating on accessories or service.
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  6. I wouldn't buy the first lot of these new 500s. Not since they are thai/Indian built. Wait and see first
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  7. I understand these bikes are new, and that they are relatively low cost bikes. I understand that my negotiating is weakened, however if I am going to part with ~$8k of my hard earned, I expect a little give. Negotiating price is something I do, my challenge at the moment is finding a dealer that isn't PS.

    With all due respect Unconnected, I am neither going to put up, nor shut up. :)
  8. It's a good idea Greydog. Gear I'm sorted for, accessories I tried and it sounds like they have almost no accessories available at the moment.

    I might try some of the country dealers, see if they're hungrier for a sale than their city counterparts.
  9. That's a good point RR. I'll likely be upgrading as soon as I'm unrestricted, so will be still under warranty. Having said that, if they're unreliable, that will be a PITA.
  10. Cb400 would be better then. Plus hold better value and better build quality
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  11. the other Thai built Honda's are reliable.. so there is no need to be concerned IMO.. give Paul at Freestyle in Franskton a crack at a deal.. or Rob at Mornington.. support the smaller guys !!!
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  12. Heated grips, free service, tank protector, on roads, stuff for you (gloves - can't have too many :))
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  13. If you're going to be selling it in just over a year, get something second hand. e.g. CB400 as suggested above. The fastest depreciation you'll ever see is when you ride your new bike out of the dealership. If you get a used bike and don't crash it, you'll probably be able to sell it for the same price you bought it for.
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  14. If it's going to be your first bike, be prepared to pay full RRP, because dealers can sense your eagerness! I know it because I have been through the same.

    The way to get around that is to send out emails to all nearby dealers (go to Honda Australia website and get their contact details from there) asking for quotes on the bike (shipping charges aren't much either, from Sydney to Melbourne you'll be looking at around $300 max for insured shipping, so bear that in mind too). In your email make it very clear to them that you're basically shopping around for the best possible price.

    And if all fails, well then wait a couple of months until it's the middle of winter - when bike sales are generally slow - and then try your luck again. Saying that I paid full RRP on my bike in the middle of winter, so that's also possible. :D
  15. I'm thinking 29th June might be a good time. :)

    After a few phone calls, I'm now getting some conversation happening that's under RRP. Just had to get away from PS.

    I'm going to go with the email all the dealers idea too! :)
  16. Argh, the negotiating and the waiting is killing me, though it does look to be saving me money.

    I'm also hanging off until my pants arrive. I want ATG for the ride home from the dealership.

    I want my bike!!!:tantrum: :)
  17. Nice to see another OCAU member here Pugsly :)

    I just got my L's over the weekend. So I'm only up to the gear shopping phase. I'm aiming at getting a bike mid winter, or as you say - June 29th!

    I'm after a cruiser though. Thinking VT400 or a GV650. Keep us updated!
  18. moved to business and service providers and reopened he thread.
  19. Apologies for posting in the wrong spot @smee