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Best Place To Buy 2nd Hand Bikes - Suggestions?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by teambuci, Jun 1, 2010.

  1. Can anyone suggest the best medium to find 2nd hand bikes? Where can i find 2nd hand bikes at a good price? I think dealers are definately the most costly right?

  2. Gumtree, Bikesales, Trading Post & Ebay.

  3. Thanks. Btw is it safe to buy a motorcycle on Ebay???
  4. Well, you could always try the NR classifieds, I hear there is a nice GS500F for sale there :p
  5. Yeah ebay is safe, just check the bike out before you buy, get a revs check etc. I've seen some bikes go for a couple thousand under their redbook price.
  6. Ebay and particularly Gumtree are both great for picking up bikes & cars that need to be sold in a hurry. I'd be inclined to scan them daily and wait until a good deal pops up.

  7. As with any purchase, regardless of whether its from a dealer or Gumtree...do your due diligence and research. Get a mate who knows what she's looking at to check over any purchase before committing to it.
    Just like there might be some fantastic sellers with great bikes on eBay, there might be unscrupulous dealers with dollar signs in their eyes at a dealership.
  8. i know a few blokes that had to go work on oil rigs overseas that need to sell their bikes quickly

    might help if you tell us where your from
  9. Thanks for all the tips, will look into them.

    I'm from Brissy so Gumtree is probably out...

  10. What type of bike are you after? (and price range) I'm always patrolling ebay and there are heaps of bargains up brisbane way (I'm from Gosford, NSW too far to travel to inspect).

    SV650S 2005 -redbook price is $5,200-$6,100 -prob won't get any bids.
  11. allclassifieds.com.au
  12. Gumtree has a few bargains
  13. most of them are scams
  14. I bloody hope so , I've only bought 6 off there and sold 3. :-s
  15. I bought mine at auction.

    if you have a little mechanical knowledge and the willingness to control yourself in terms of auction price it might be worth a look.
  16. What kind of bike are you looking for ?
  17. I don't think the dealers are that bad on second hand bikes, once you negotiate with them they are quite fair. And it's much less hassle than dealing with private sellers. Plus all the paperwork is completed by them, and they usually provide a goodwill warranty of some type and even roadside assistance. At least I've had great experiences with the dealers in Melbourne, can't speak for the rest of this island.
  18. Thanks, will bear that in mind.
  19. I've been thinking the same thing. Dealers aren't too bad for bikes, cages it's a different story.

    Asking prices at dealers are often decent, unlike the bs that most private sellers ask, also they don't expect you to hand over the value of the bike in cash to test ride it. Warranty is always a good thing.