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best place in melb to get tyres?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by dje, Jun 12, 2007.

  1. Anyone have a place to reccomend for getting tyres in melb?

    Not the brand of tyre, but service and price.

    Any good bike dealers/service centers?
    Or tyre centers?
    Or internet?

    And, ive heard of a dual compound tyre that is harder in the middle and soft on the sides so it wears more evenly for road riding. Any know what brand it is and how much it costs?


  2. Need more info to help you... There are a variety of brands that are dual compound. To pick the 'best' tyre for you you will need to consider the type of riding your do, the type of bike you have, and also what is your budget.

    Most places will have similar costs for tires etc. If in the south east Pablo's is always recommended. I have used OCD Racing - also in the South East - to get tyres (Shinko's, for me, work perfectly).
  3. i'm in the same boat. i'm after some hoops for my little Suzuki Bandit 250.

    my rear has a flatish middle section from what i can only guess is lack of riding thru the bendies by the previous owner.. so i like the idea of the duel compund tyres.
  4. I've been calling around all day for a Michelin Pilot Road2 tyre for my bike (it's a dual compound one like you're talking about).

    Results for a 180/55/17 fitted were:

    Peter Stevens - $291
    Freestyle Honda - $300
    Brighton Kawasaki - $299
    A1 - $280
    Frankston Yamaha - $304
    Mornington Honda - $304
    Mornington Kawasaki - $320
    Pablo's - $291
    Floyd Parkes (1300Kawasaki) - $294

    No "partner discounts" have been applied to any of these prices. I've only looked in the S.E. because that's where I am. :wink:
  5. i got new hoops for the SAPDA at Bob Janes on Elizabeth St.

    very happy with price and service. Being a Netrider Partner also adds to the cost/benefit equation.
  6. I've also used Bob Jane's Elizabeth St store, and will be going there next time I need tyres.
  7. thanks all for the replies. Especially 'anothermacca', great info there!
    Thanks for taking the time. Im looking for a pilot road also... ive heard Pablos is good so I might try them. :)
  8. Try Sportbike Tyre & Suspension in Knoxfield.

    Always had excellent service and best prices I found anywhere in Melbourne. I recently go the Pilot Road2 from them. $279 for rear and $199 for front fitted.