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Best place in Melb to buy Draggins?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Tenoq, Aug 7, 2005.

  1. After reading the Best Buy thread recently posted, I was wondering if anyone could make a recommendation the best place to buy Draggin Jeans? Most of the local shops only stock a couple of colours in a single style, and have limited sizing. Oh, and they're charging RRP. :p

    So where's the cheapest place to buy your Draggins in Melbourne?

  2. I got mine from BikeMart in Ringwood. A good range, and if you tell them you're a Netrider member you should get a good price.
  3. i can't really help you with a cheap place to get them, but my new relaxed fit blue draggins rock, warm comfy and look the goods \:D/

    a good investment if you can't be stuffed with leathers/cordura.

    personally i'd go to the factory outlet if i had to buy some again, bigger range means you don't get stuffed around waiting for your size to come in after being ordered.
  4. MTA - grab a pair for $170 when you go for your Ls :)
  5. Being a Mornington boy, have you tried the motorbike stores in Frankston? There's quite a few there on Dandenong Rd west (extension of Young St). Failing that if you have the time to come to the city, as Matt said.
  6. if you were in qld, i'd tell you to come see me... i have about 60 pairs in stock :D
    I own two pairs too, camo cargo's and ladies traditional :)

    draggins come in up to size 44' and ladies 22?, but they can custom make them to your requirements, it's $270.
  7. I can't personally endorse these as I haven't seen them myself, but there was a brand advertised in the last edition of AMCN for $150.00.

    They were by a company called REDWOLF, not to be confused with REDMAX and they seem to be based in WA.

    The pic of the jeans looked OK, the only issue that I can see that some may have is with the buckle up fly instead of a zip.

    Sounded like good value, maybe with a little competition Draggins may start to come down in price as well.

    I have had a pair of draggins now for about four years, and although very faded they are still holding together remarkably well. :D
  8. Seen it, used it - but it doesn't offer the 'cheapest' place, nor an indication of their ranges.

    Yeah, they're the ones with bugger all in the way of range.

    Thanks, but again, after cheapest, not RRP.

    Might go with Gromit's suggestion and head out to BikeMart again at some stage. It's a PITA to get to during the week, so perhaps I'll have to sacrifice a Saturday shopping. :) Gromit, wouldn't happen to know if they've got the full range of cargo & chino pants, would you? Also like the look of the new Traffic ones. :p

    I've already got a pair (purchased at a discount with bike) and got some leathers on the way... but I ride everyday (literally) and it doesn't leave a lot of time to wash them. Besides, a little variety in one's life never goes astray!
  9. I have a pair on underdog jeans that are falling apart.. only 4 months old... they will be hearing from me :(
  10. Tenoq, best thing I ever bought. Saved my knee when I had the off. Try a couple of the shops in Dandenong. I got mine for reasonable price $160 IIRC. However, try leathers from here http://home.swiftdsl.com.au/~scorpion at $20 extra might be worth the go.
  11. Seen and used what? You mean you've gone into the shop/factory where they make the draggins, with the room of shelves with thier range?

    As far as I've seen Draggin's are pretty much RRP where ever you go unless you rock up with a discount.

    Eswens MTA post is about the cheapest I've seen but if you go into the factory they offer 10% discount to most clubs, including netrider. Failing that a Bikemart shopping night might get you 15% off but the range is not going to be as good as if you went into thier main shop in South Melbourne.

    Honestly you can lead a horse to water but..... :roll:
  12. The South Melbourne Draggin' jeans shop is generally the cheapest outlet. It's normally about $10 less than retail. The actual factory is in Brunswick but they don't sell from there.

    I've got three pairs (the oldest is 4 years old) and I've found them pretty good. If you happen to come off and the denim gets worn through they'll happily repair them (within reason). It cost me $10 to have a knee replaced a few years ago. They repalced the denim and the kevlar underneath - only the denim was worn.

    I've got a pair of the Draggin' drys which are really good warmer weather pants. They're water resistant rather than strictly waterproof but do work really well for light showers.

    I'll drop them back to the factory and get the fabric re-treated with the water proofing agent before summer. I think it costs about $35. The alternative is to do it myself with Scotchgard or similar but the factory stuff works much better.
  13. They've certainly got both jeans and cargos - I intended to buy the jeans, but the cargos fitted well and felt great so I bought them instead.

    Just give Bikemart a ring before heading out there, I guess.

    And it might be worth budgeting an extra $25 for the CE knee protectors that velcro inside the Draggins. Gotta be cheaper than a reconstruction! :LOL:
  14. I've got a pair of jeans and a pair of combats (don't trust the zip off leg on the cargos and I don't wear shorts much anyway)

    I've actually taken to wearing them for general use because they are warmer and because of the way I walk (and my fat legs :LOL: ) I tend to wear out the insides of the thighs on crappier (read: Targ├Ęt) jeans.
  15. Didn't know that, just saw the two guys in the south melbourne shop with the sewing machines when I went in there and assumed that was it, unless they have expanded in the last 18 months. But I guess they could have been customising/repairing jeans.
  16. You're right, they do some customising stuff there. I found out about the Brunswick factory when I had mine repaired. They saw where I lived and they said I could pick them up at the Brunswick Factory. It's not signed as they don't sell from it and they don't particularly want people coming expecting to be able to buy from there.
  17. Good lot of information about Draggins here, I haven't had occasion to try their abilities yet, and hope not to, but it's good to know that you can get repairs done instead of having to try to fix them myself, or throw them out!
  18. I got mine from the Draggins stand at Phillip Island (can't remember if it was GP or SBK) about two years ago and paid $175 with the knee protectors.