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Best place for suspension set up in Vic?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by XCSEDAN, Jan 13, 2015.

  1. hey guys
    need to get my suspension rebuilt and weighted to suit me, just wondering who you guys reccomend?
    will require respringing, fork and shock rebuild and re-valve
    as tempting as it is to upgrade to an ohlins setup i don't feel like dropping 4K into the suspension.

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  2. Plus one for Suspensions R Us.

    Izzy is brilliant to deal with.

    And as a bonus, he's right on some great roads to test it out afterwards.
  3. awesome thanks guys, the only place i knew of was krooztune, but i've heard mixxed reviews.
    just called suspensions r us and am awaiting a call back
  4. just got a call back from Izzy, the guy knows his shit.
    left kroozetune for dead on their knowledge.
    going the Wilber 643 rear shock and getting the front end rebuilt.
  5. Cool stuff. What bike are you getting rebuilt?
  6. Is there anyone closer to town than Gembrook? (even though he has a ripper reputation)
  7. K3 GSXR600 dude, should be a lot better to ride with the better suspension setup.
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  8. Hmmm, Izzy is about 5 minutes from Cockatoo, about 12 minutes from Pakenham, and 8 minutes from Emerald, which town are you refering too?
    So for me this is close to town? ;)
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  9. You'll love it. When I had my old ZZR done, I thought to myself why haven't I ever done this before!
  10. Steve mudford in Kensington.
    I've used him and been reasonably happy. The problem with suspension is everyone has a different idea and way of doing it. What suits you now won't suit in 12 months time when your faster. Or when the weather is different etc etc.
    I've spoken to so many experts that all make a living from it and they all say different things to fix certain issues I've had.......
    Also you need to deal with Dave at Krooztune. Marty knows his stuff regarding dirt bikes but not so much with road/race. Dave was Glen Allerton right hand man when he won the championship so I reckon he knows enough......

    Steves number is 0414 421 366
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  11. I just need a rebuild/refurb and some heavier springs - Kensington isn't too far away from me. Thanks.
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    You are kidding, robsalvv: right? Not only is there a bit of great riding to and from Packenham Upper (as long as you're not following a Highway Patrol car), it's a bloody sight closer to you than to me!

    Izzy has provided a set of Wilbers for my K16GT, which has proven to be a saga of mammoth proportions. He has come up with the goods and set up ESA II shocks which were then fitted by Southbank BMW, all at nigh on half the cost of BMW OEI replacements :D

    And nigh on double the handling fun ;)
  13. How did you go with izzy? I am thinking of taking my bike there
  14. Just had my very basic forks rebuilt by Dave at Kroozetune.

    $275.00 total for Racetech springs, 10w oil and labour. Good value, IMO.

    200km later, mucho improvement over stock unit...
  15. I'm think about getting that done too, what bike do u have and did u guys talk about rear at all? And generally how long will that last? (Before another rebuild or whatever else)..
  16. Been thinking about this for awhile as well.

    Decided to call a few shops today and got some quotes.

    Race Dynamics
    $800 Front and rear springs (labor incl)
    +$350 Rear revalve

    $640 Front and rear springs (labor incl)
    +$200 Rear revalve

    $350 Front and rear springs ($175 each end)
    +$235 Rear revalve
    +$100 labor

    Suspensions R us
    Didn't look into this much further as they don't take bikes at the moment (too busy) They only take components or ship out preped components.
    They said that they normally just advise to do direct replacements with Wilbers as it doesn't cost much more than what they charge to reworking a current component. New wilbers Fully adjustable shock is $1100, preload and rebound only is $700 + extra for front springs.

    For me it's a toss between Race Dynamics and Krooztune.

    Krooze tune seems the cheapest money wise but a bit far out from the city for me to drop off a bike and take public transport...
    Race Dynamics was the most open to having a chat and explaining things(expected since they're the most expensive), also has worked specifically on my bike (street triple r) and what they say is consistent with what I feel and have been trying to fix with the standard adjustments. Long story short bike was made for a fatso and the rear linkage is crap.

    $500 isn't small change so will have to have a bit of a think. Also having things readjusted/redone means having to travel less.
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  17. Thanks for that. I did give suspensions r us a call today too and they said the same thing. Now I won't have to call the others.. But do those prices include revalve on the front too?
  18. Nope front is extra again, I'm fairly happy with the front of my bike so it didn't concern me too much.
  19. Damn.. Was hoping that it was included! Very wishful thinking I guess.. Might give krooze tune a buzz and see.. Hopefully not more than $200ish.
    Everyone says suspensions r us, but they quoted me $1000 front / rear revalve including springs.. But he said Id have to take the forks and shock off and bring it in...
    I'd go Race dynamics if I could afford it (but I cant) Steve the owner was a ohlins tech for the factory yamaha road race team, and I have an R6. Too bad I went back to study this year..
    So I guess Mainly for price I'll prob go to kroozetune.