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Best Place For Scala Rider Q2 Mltiset

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by IamDAN, Sep 20, 2009.

  1. The missus and I are heading down to Tassie at the end of the year and have decided it would be handy to chat on the road. Does anyone know of somewhere in Melb i can get my hands on a set? If not any decent/safe sites that deliver at a good price? Ive looked around and they are a bit cheaper from the UK but I would prefer to be able to return them in person if they are faulty.

  2. Have you used those ones in the link? Im open to try others but i need to kow they work well.
  3. nope, just bringing up an alternative for you. there are soo many options for it. Mind you could also do away with the intercom functionality and go with just 2 normal headsets and call each other, might be cheaper in the long run.
  4. i have the Scala rider (not the Q2) and they work great. have borrowed a Q2 and is just as good if not a touch better sound quality (and has a radio). i can have a look tonight to see where i got them as i cant remember right now.
    if you're doing a long run with someone up back or on another bike they are a must. you can sing too.
  5. Anyone know if these would work with UHF radio?
  6. not sure. they bluetooth..
  7. Mmm thinking the ability to plug in a good UHF radio whilst taking advantage of the headset's VOX and noise cancelling abilities would allow communication for a few kms rather than a few hundred metres. If anyone is aware of a bluetooth headset that has this capability I'd love to hear about it.
  8. you can make phone calls but that costs as a radio is free. i like your thinking
  9. Phizog, there is one that does all that, uhf of 5 miles, bluetooth of 100m or so, very versatile. Trying to remember the name of now, been a few threads recently i commented in about it.
  10. If you have decided on the Scala Rider Q2, MrGadget has it http://www.mrgadget.com.au/gadget/2008/cardo-scala-rider-q2-multiset-bluetooth-headset-for-bikers/ or with price, http://www.mrgadget.com.au/catalog/cardo-scala-rider-q2-multiset-bluetooth-headset-p-6330.html Check stock though. Feedback isn't good.

    Doing a search over here will give you a good idea of how well different brands perform: http://www.zumoforums.com/index.php?action=forum

    Chatterbox have some new gear that is getting some interest. http://www.chatterboxusa.com/ Specifically http://www.chatterboxusa.com/cbxbi2fkit.html or look at the FRS.

    UHF radios claim a range of 5 Km, but the real range is up to 2 Km, unless you are both on flat land, in sight, with no interference around. On small low power radios it may be less. Push To Talk (PTT) is better than VOX when using a UHF radio on a motorcycle.

    Newer bluetooth units have an intercom range of 500 metres.
  11. hmm ,most radios, can take a bluetooth adaptor, and this pairs with the headset
  12. The radio feature on the Q2 is crap, better off to plug in the mp3 player, and listen to the radio with that.

    Has reasonable distance coverage between the headsets, and bluetoothing to a mobile phone(iPhone) works flawlessly.
  13. as i dont have a radio on mine im using an MP3 plugged in and thats kind of ok. the speakers dont lend themself to music. if its just music then i just use the mp3 with budphones