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best place for maintenance parts?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by mikey_mikestar, Jun 5, 2009.

  1. can someone tell me where the best place is (in melb) to buy servicing parts ie; plugs,filters,etc. got a '89 yamaha fzr 250(grey import). are yamaha dealers the best option or a motorbike mechanic?

  2. normally bike shops do stock parts or can get em in for you, ring around. some mechannics do supply too. just ring around and see who can give you the best price.

    Repco might have some stuff
  3. thanks mate, hoping some people might know where there are some good mechanics and the ones to steer clear of cos no doubt as with cars theres sure to be some not so good bike mechanics (not doing the work properly or overcharging).
  4. wait are you hoping to do the stuff yourself or get teh mechanic to work on it?
  5. yeah im goin to do it myself, ive worked around cars a bit so i can handle a spanna. just wanted to know where the best places are to buy bits, wether dealers were more exy than workshops. just stuff like cables, brake stuff, carby bits, plugs and filters, havent found to much at supacheap lol.
  6. Repco is your friend
  7. thanks mv i did manage to get some plugs from there today.
  8. oh yup, yea sounded like you wanted to do stuff yourself, then you made it sound like you wanted a mechanic to do it.

    +1 to MV repco/burson autoparts

    if they dont have it, try independant bike shops with workshops, eg or Peter stevens, etc can get stuff for you, dealers/mechanics will sell you stuff too. Dealers can be cheaper or expensive, same with mechanics, everyone needs to put a markup. choice is really up to you.

    as the go with mechanics, some say dealers can be quite bad, apprentices working on bikes or just bad customer service, although they can be cheaper. Independent mechanics again, same as car mechanics, some are magic with bikes some are jsut duds. check the business thread for some details on em.

    ok i got bored here are some

    Intyre motorcycles(03) 9489 5000 - great customer service
    PTR on stud road - "magic" - vic
    Sixty degrees - quite a new business
    everything two wheels- pete the pom ~ apprantly hes very good too, even has a blog bout fixing bikes
    Peter stevens - apprantly are rubbish, others praise them
    Mick horne - mixed responses to them apprantly are better than PS

    there are plenty around ringwood area, brighton, dandenong [i think] and of course city. Dont know about westside

    im not goin to post badies here, not my job to flame unless ive experience it first hand
  9. cheers willzah, that gives me something to go on, havent been on here long and all you guys are so helpfull, thanks.

    another question. want to reco the carbs, can i reuse the old jets and needles if i clean them up or should i get new ones?
  10. what bike, year, kms?
  11. its a 89 yamaha fzr 250. my first bike so its done its job teaching me how to ride.
    sat on an r1 the other day and got excited but the bank manager (ie the wife) said not yet :cry:
  12. its really up to you. if you want to fork out the money and get new jets n needles go ahead.

    I would reuse them and see how it goes, if it feels better, stick with it, if you feel you could have more outta it, get new ones. but with that its not going to guarantee better performance. if your at it, might as well balance the carbs.

    anyone else wana comment? (mind you ive never done it before)
  13. Best I've ever experienced, in any industry.
  14. Mikey you've only done 1000'kms since your rebuild? in your other post? i dont see why your carbs/jets/ needles would be wacked already
  15. not sure which post your refering to Will but i havent touched the carbs at all yet.
    Ill prob just use the old ones if theyre ok, will only keep the bike another yr maybe or until the bank manager(the wife) will let me an r1 :grin:

    another question, prob stupid to some. how can i see my idle rpm (supposadly around 1650) when the damn tacho starts at 3000?

    any help appreciated.
  16. tacho starts at 3k :shock:
  17. yep. 3000 up to 19000.
    thing screams its bloody head off.
  18. mine starts a 0 rpms and goes to 19k rpm hahaha gota change the pipe though.....not screaming enough.

    Id say see if you can find a service manual which can give you a clue as to how to set the idle. is it a stock tacho?
  19. yeah its all stock stuff, i know how to adjust the idle but i cant cos the tacho doesnt go down to 1600 so i cant tell if its idling to fast or slow.
    being an import the only manual thats around is in japanese which is fine if you can read the stuff which i cant.
    wish ide paid more attention in geography in school...lol