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Best place for Gear in Newcastle

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by xtr3m3, Apr 6, 2009.

  1. Hi just wondering where the best place to get gear in newcastle is went to couple in broadmeadow today no one really came over to help after looking about. At Frasers i told a person i was looking to get my learners and getting all my gears he just said bikes start from 4k out front just have a look at our stuff over there. then he sat on his computer. none of the shops were busy.

  2. Hi mate,

    Broadmeadow has the biggest stores in Newy, Frasers being the biggest (unfortuantely). Around the corner from Frasers is Graham Morris(i think thats what its called). They are pretty good blokes. Not the biggest range of bikes or gear, but usually they are pretty helpful. The blokes at Frasers dont seem to want new business. I've been there lots of times, and always had to approach some fat old bloke sitting on his ass for help. Never got approached.

    Gear wise you could go to Graham Boyd too. They are up towards the tennis courts. Good selection of gear there, and occasionally you'll score a nice 250 there too.

    Hope this helps mate. Havent been in Newy for a few months now, so thing may have changed. Failing Broadmeadow, you could shoot done the central coast and go to Woddy's. I've heard they are pretty big too. Cant say for sure though.

  3. Yep give Frazers the flick (too many long stories there).
    Graeme Morris's, Graeme Boyd's and Newcastle Motorcycle Warehouse, even Kawaasaki Newcastle (opposite NMW) have always been accomodating. I just picked up a new R-Jays helmet from NMW list $240, I paid $200 !!!!! :grin:
  4. Brisans are ok sometimes. Go upstairs and there are usually some sale racks. Picked up a RST jacket with all the armour etc for my wife for $120. It was a small and they just needed to get rid of it. They've been nice to me there.
    +1 on Frasers, there is a bit of a holier than thou mentality there. I have had hit and miss service there, pretty inconsistent. Great for parts but shit for other stuff.
  5. TwoWheel superstore at raymond terrace is pretty good, They have a preety decent selection of gloves and actual leathers. They carry Joe Rocket gear, Might find some teknic gear (maybe just gloves) , HJC helmets and some decent brand gear.
    Not too cheap though, but the best place to shop i reckon.

    "...the shop between the seafood place and KTM" has Shark helmets.

    Frazers has AGV helmets.

    BMW has BMW helmets.

    Kawasaki has lots of gear, most isn't high range stuff, but has the biggest range around (or had, its been changed i think its smaller).

    Newie is really bad for gear, id be tempted to take the trip to Paramatta (I have in the past).

    Looking for some American or Euro branded Leathers? No chance.

    Looking for decent service and someone to help you out while looking? No chance.

    EDIT: Just remembered NMW sometimes has some Joe Rocket 1 peice suits, and some jackets.
  6. I find the people in the Kawasaki shop in Broadmeadow are always very helpful. As a new rider looking for a helmet they gave me lots of advise & helped me try on as many helmets as I needed until I found one that fit well. I have been in there on other occasions & found them very helpful...gear & maintenance.

    Also have had good help at Graeme Boyd but have also been there & had no help.

    Two Wheels Superstore at Raymond Terrace is okay but I wouldn't really call it a Superstore. I found a Joe Rocket jacket there for $150 which was a bargain.

    I think I have bought each piece of gear from a different shop....I just kept looking until I found what I wanted.
  7. boots and chain lube from brisans,
    helmet from frasers,
    gloves, tinted visors and tyres from inskip (toronto),
    jacket + hornees from 2 wheel superstore,
    lock from newcastle kawasaki,
    throw-over panniers from NMW.

    the only service ive been really impressed with was Inskip, but i don't really have anything bad to say about the others.

    frasers were actually fairly helpful and have been friendly enough whenever i walk in.

    i do find that the range is pretty limited up here for most things, but that's where you get a friendly local store to order the rarer stuff in for you.