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Best place for a good deal on a new helmet

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by markcpotter, Nov 17, 2009.

  1. Hello All,

    I need to buy a new helmet and was hoping a few of you could put me onto the best places to buy from.

    I am guessing internet is going to be the best option but I just looked at one site that had a .com.au address but it looked as though the helmets were being shipped from America.

    Given the fine for wearing a non Australian approved helmet plus if you are unfortunately in an accident your insurance may be invalid and I also heard the TAC may not cover you for any injuries then I want to make sure it is not an overseas helmet.

  2. I would try Peter Stevens clearance centres... I've seen $600 shark helmets go for $200 and they have a large selection
  3. Go into a store, trying some on to see which sizes in which brands fit best

    ..then ebay (y)

    With the current AU/USD exchange rate I got a brand new genuine KBC VR2-R delivered for half price
    And it has Snell DOT rating rather than AU/NZ etc but still legal I hear

  4. You MUST have the A1698 sticker on there for legal reasons -- not that I agree with this. Anyway, I don't feel like repeating the detalis. There are tons of info on this stuff on other threads.
  5. You heard wrong. Your helmet is illegal to use in Australia and always will be.
    Bad advice.
  6. Sigh. ](*,) Unfortunately you hear wrong. A quick search around here will find many threads discussing the issue, some of which include actual reference to the laws.

    Mark, if it is a .com.au site then they should be selling helmets with AS1698 stickers on them, as required in Australia. JUst check before buying.

    However, fit and comfort are the most important issues with any helmet, as long at it meets the required standard. So you absolutely have to go into stores and try them on. It is the only way to know if your head shape matches the helmet.

    Again, search around here for many suggestions. Helmet Warehouse in Sydney, Peter Stevens or AMX in Melbourne, etc.
  7. Firstly, I apologise for any misleading advice...

    But I asked several different people first before I bought it including a bike cop. They reckon that Snell DOT exceeds the AS1698 standards and is legal because of it.
    An international standard less strict than the Australian one wouldn't be legal though
  8. I'm sorry, but that is wrong.
  9. You're wrong mate.

    HAS to have the AS sticker on it. Doesn't matter if the standard meets/exceeds AS, it HAS to have it. Sadly no ifs or buts about it.

    Dunno about people saying that it has an impact on your insuance though.
  10. whats your location??

    do a google search on the helmet warehouse
  11. i had a prang a while ago and my Arai profile got a little knocked about.

    I bought it a year ago for $850, and when i tried to buy it again recently, nobody had it less than $1000. i couldnt beleive it. then i found these guys, and i would HIGHLY recommend them.


    i stuffed up the order and emailed them and their service is pretty good. check them out, and if they dont have it in stock, they can quote you.
  12. yeah i agree here. go into a peter stevens store i got a $600 KBC helmet for $245. Other advantage is getting to try it on!! im a medium in KBC but a large in my FOX helmet that i use for the dirt eater! Better to have a helmet fit properly rather than the wind hitting it from the side and before you know it everyone thinks you're sitting on your bike backwards ;)

  13. Seconded. They have a few website incarnations, I got a shoei caster from https://www.shoei.com.au/store.php?crn=271 which is oen of their sites - couple of hundred bucks cheaper than the local store which was nice. As someone said earlier, go to a store to get your sizing in the brands and design you like, then find it online for a crapload cheaper.
  14. Some of the clearance stuff is good and quite cheap but check the manufacture date. I looked at one place that had 8 year old helmets, new but still 8 years old! I went to Bikes Plus in Essendon and got a good deal on one that they specially ordered in for me.