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best petrol

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by Akros Tec, Jul 5, 2006.

  1. Was wondering what you people have experienced with different petrol? I have tried three, BP ultimate, Shell prem, and Moble 8000. Found scooter (tgb Akros) runs pretty much the same on all three but seem to getter more k's using BP, roughly ten to fifteen more.

  2. any of the high ocatne gear is the same i reckon!

    also if its tuned on high octae and you run less octane it will run worse!
  3. dont know 'best' but from my experiance stear clear of Shell Optimax.

    Now my preferance is BP
  4. i personally prefer bp. the bike seems to run smoother and can do more k's.
  5. well i used to run Shell but now run on BP. I once used Shell extreme - a real notice in throttle response but found out wasnt too good for the bike.

    With regards to milage its hard because there are times when i give it a hand full which isnt good for fuel consumption but on average im getting about 200 - 210 taking it easy or if im keeping the throttle open then im getting somewhere between 170- 180 before the fuel light turns on
  6. Recently had some problems with fuel delivery in the bike, rang around some mechanics to see if they could help.

    For those that gave any input over the phone (3 out of 5), their first question was which fuel, followed by the statement stay clear of Shell and Caltex, use only BP or Mobil 98.

    I guess you can't get clearer than that, as these guys should know what they are talking about.

    NB Fault was found to be a faulty throttle position sensor and not fuel type.
  7. I find with bp ultimate i can notice the difference and the others are ok
  8. i always thought that they SHOULD be all the same!

    but i only use BP ultimate, and if not near a servo i will put $2- of someone elses high octane stuff.
  9. Would you ask a chemical engineer how to install a new chain on your bike? Why would you ask a bike mechanic for 'expert advice' on petrol?

    If you are so trusting of their 'expertise' as mechanics why did you ring 5 of them for advice? Surely 1 trusted opinion would be sufficient.
  10. BP Ultimate all the way.

    The Spacy seems a bit smoother and more responsive on it than it does on other fuels. When your scoot is over 20 years old and has never had an engine rebuild (as far as I know), any improvement in rideability is a good thing!
  11. A 50cc 2 stroke will reap little to no benefit from hi-octane petrol. They just don't have enough compression. Fit a hi-comp head gasket, some hi-flow reeds, a free flowing exhaust, etc etc and it might. But for all that effort you might as well just buy a real bike.
  12. I didn't ask their opinion about petrol as I knew it wasn't the problem, I were actually after pricing for service and explaining a pre-exisiting fault. What I did find interesting was that 3 mechanics automatically assumed I were using Shell or Caltex.

    Now wouldn't you find it interesting that people that actually work on bikes all day for a living, have said as a first fix, stay away from Caltex and Shell :?:

    Now, I could go to some boffin who sits at a desk and ask about the difference between petrol brands, but does that really equate to what the actual effects will be in a bike :evil:

    I would much rather trust someone that actully sees problems and knows how to cure them, over some desk bound chemical analayist
  13. I asked this question of some folks on another board when I first got my scooter.

    Firstly, check the manual for your scooter - my Aprilia Sportcity needs unleaded petrol with 95RON - so basically premium unleaded.

    People were unanimous in their drubbing of Shell Optimax! Apparently it will stuff your spark plugs.

    I go to the independent servo near me because I'd rather my money went to the little bloke. The big multinationals ae making enough money!
  14. I'm in the process of testing various fuels in my vtr250, doing about 800km on each type from same servo, using same tyre pressures and the same commute. My previous tests (less reliable than these ones) showed BP ultimate went further by a significant margin, and seat of the pants indications were that it certainly *felt* gruntier from lower down. Latest testing showing smaller differences, yet to be examined for statisitical significance. I know that given the tune of my bike and that it is carbed (no clever ecu adjusting to fuel type), octane rating shouldn't make a difference. but regardless....seems fuels aint fuels. Will pst results when they are complete.
  15. Wonder how long it will take mythbusters team to get onto that myth!
  16. all sounds like religion to me.
    'I wanted this to happen and it did so it's true."
  17. It all depends on your bike.

    My old K series was very happy on Optimax. I generally use Caltex in the R65 but on the few occasions I've used Optimax I haven't had a problem. The Spada on the other hand was not happy with Optimax at all...
  18. Yes it differs from bike to bike... on mine I've tried almost all fuels available and found it runs best on BP Ultimate and also gets a little more efficiency with the Ultimate too!!

    Do a search for all the petrol related threads... there's heaps, and you'll get a variety of opinions...
  19. Hmm.. that reminds me.. I wonder if I could run my bike on BP Ultimate...
    Where would we be able to find that info?