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Best part of my day

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Exportswede, Mar 3, 2015.

  1. Recently started riding to work on a daily basis after a bit of 'should I, should I not' debating in my head.
    On days like today, when the air is cool, traffic flows, you hit every single green light (except for the red necessary for me turning on to the main street) and no one tailgates...well, let's just say I get to work with a huge smile on my face.

    Even more so when I pull up outside the office, park the bike and see a bunch of tram ticket nazis harassing people getting off the tram. It just keeps getting better when I see people stuck in their cars (that were waaay behind me) finally slowly rolling closer to the lights, while giving me the evils because I've already arrived at my destination and I look so happy about my way of getting there.

    Riding to work really is an awesome way to start your mornings. :D


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  2. I've done this every morning and love it!

    Except when it rains, need more practice before I start to do that!
  3. Yeah, it's less fun when it rains. Still, as long as you got some good gear on, you'll be right.
    At least I do't have to go over any tram tracks, so there's always that! :)
  4. Rain gear, what's that? lol...
    I've got some 4-season stuff but in the meantime I'll put up with a little water...
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  5. Couldn't agree more, so much less stressful taking the bike. Only trouble is taking detours to say on the bike longer and getting to work late.
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  6. Yes, that's true, but it's so much fun that it makes it worth getting up a bit earlier in the morning. :)
  7. My bikes have always been daily use vehicles. I just enjoy riding.
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  8. ..and then you get to de-stress on the way home in the afternoon! (y)
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  9. I miss my motorcycle commute. Sadly, I now live <5km from my work which is barely enough to heat up the oil, so I save my riding for the weekend.

    (That said, if my dad's arthritis doesn't get any better then there's a chance I might be getting my old Suzuki beater back as a commuter.)
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  10. Could not agree more was thinking this today, oh and yesterday and most other days before that...I went from riding my push bike 30km each way to riding the motor bike whilst I miss some of the fitness from the push bike I really enjoy the motie commute still after 2 - 3 years.

    My wife tried to convince me to catch the train - that aint going to happen love the freedom of taking the bike.

    I do ride rain, hail or shine not that it hails often here in Melbourne but it gets plenty cold enough in winter.
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  11. Hell yes. I work in management, and periodically have to visits sites and liaise with clients. Take the company car?... Nah, black Draggin' Chinos, and locking the rest of the gear to the bike.

    Nothing like getting paid to ride!
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  12. What boots do you use??
  13. It is an awesome way to start the day!

    I ride to work once or twice each week. The days I drive, my head is still cloudy when I walk into the office and I'm sometimes tense about what the day will bring. When I ride, I'm alert but relaxed and I've enjoyed the commute experience much, much more. And there's the happy thought that I'll get to ride again at the end of the day.
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  14. Pull up outside my office ExportswedeExportswede, and I'll get you a coffee!
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  15. Righto, where do you work?
  16. Yup, I do, too.

    It was about the only good thing attached to working......well, the money came in handy, too.
  17. I drove the car in heavy traffic for the first time in over a year. It did my head in! I got so agro not being able to duck in and around traffic, even though i tried until my wife told me off and reminded me i wasn't on my bike lol! Riding a bike to work makes peak hour fun... I love playing in the traffic now :)
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  18. This is one of the things that really makes me wish I worked!
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  19. It took me 3.5 HOURS!!!!! to get home today... I hate PT with a passion..

    One more week to go Juz... one more week...
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  20. I almost tried to split in my Outlander one day!!! We're you tempted JabbaJabba?
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