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Best pants

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by OzzyDevil, Aug 13, 2012.

  1. After my crash yesterday my draggin jeans pulled up very well nothing wrong with them :) But in saying this now I'm looking for the protection side of things.. I know u have the DRIrider and heaps of others but what would be a good set of pants for around 300 mark ?? If I can get water prove ones that would be a bonus ;)

  2. leather is best protection [abrasive protection]
    get into town and try alot on PeterStevens, then Mars Leathers 2 doors down [towards cnr Lt Lonsdale] try some there as well, then AMX out Keilor Park drive
  3. Looking around ActionMC today I saw an A* all kevalr undergarment.........this seems like a great idea underneath a fully armored pants............for that added protection.
  4. The best protection comes from leather pants with armour. Anything else is a compromise, and how much you compromise is totally up to you.
  5. Ozzy, it depends what your gonna use it for but in general b12mick is right, leather is the best out there for all out protection. If you can get kangaroo leather then even better.
  6. You can get a pair of alpinestars leather pants from fc-moto.de . Not going to beat that protection under $300.
  7. I can see why leathers are so much :) I was thinking about buying a pair down the track :) plus I want to do track so just might save the dollars for a few weeks :)
  8. EDIT: Im terrible at this
  9. EDIT: Messed that one up
  10. Blood Diamond pants are the best pants.
  11. Good ol' latex.
  12. Or Lycra?
  13. Happy pants.
  14. Long socks.
  15. Chuck Norris action jeans?