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Best Painting Tip Ever

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Manny, Apr 14, 2005.

  1. Dont inhale the fcuking fumes. they make you feel like shit.

  2. uh, yeah..... thats pretty good advice :LOL:

    like i'm not guilty of that at least once or twice tho :LOL: try wearing a mask, costs a couple of bucks but saves hours of non-alcohol induced hangover :wink:
  3. you mean the little white ones that dont mould around the nose?
    or do you mean one of those huge ones that goes hand in hand with a white body suit? =p

    Im getting over the idea of poisoning myself daily in order to make a cheap load of crap look better. why dont people take care of their shit in the first place? it pisses me off so hardcore. The guy who owned the bike before me was obviously fcuking retarded. he is into 4x4ing. what was I thinking.

    Every cm of the bike is covered in some sort of shit that needs to be removed and redone. Restoring itself would be fun if i had another bike to ride in the mean time, but i dont. grr.

    Another example of people not taking care of their shit is my mum and her cars.
    She gave me her old car (1996 excel) which i know is really nice of her, and i shouldnt complain and all.... but then again, i will.
    Do you think she's ever washed the fcuken thing?
    It has more dints and scratches per square inch than all the other cars in australia put together. Ive actually developed a fear of shopping centre car parks, because ive seen how much damage shopping trolleys can do to steel, and i dont want them to do it to my flesh.

    Once upon a time somebody ran into the back of it, which fcuked the bumper and bent the whole boot slightly (it now rattles when you roll). So the next step is to exchange details and fix the damage, right? WRONG
    Fu ck that! you have to let the other guy off the hook! infact, why not just add a couple of dints and scratches to the doors, it'll all blend in!

    But you know, it's all good now, because she bought a new car (04 honda civic). It's getting the same treatment as the excel.. so far i've only found one scratch, but i guess the paint just hasnt been run in yet with the UV program....
    One other thing i have noticed tho, is that the seal on the back left door is ripped to shreads (i dont know how that's possible) so it's only a matter of time until that part of the car rusts nicely i suppose.. i told her to get it fixed under warranty, but women dont know shit. I'd do it for her, but she wont let me drive it, so dont give me none of that "do it for her" shit, because i will hunt you down and cut you. I am teh so bitter.

    Wow I'm pretty angry. It must be the etch primer talking.

    Anyways, sorry for making this into a silly rant. I just hate it that people dont take care of their shit. One day i will have a nice new shiney bike, and if anyone so much as touches it wrong, i will end them.

    Would anyone like to buy a 1996 hyundai excel?
    I am willing to trade it for a sandwich or a sub-par bottle of rum.
  4. tell you what, i'll give you a PAR bottle of rum if we can run the engine on full revs till it blows up :D

    you got some primer issues dude, i reckon lay off it for a little while eh :LOL:
  5. Look at all the colours man! :D
  6. lol shes not far off exploding.. infact we should make an evening of it coconuts. we'll blow her up, give her a viking funeral, then drink the par bottle of rum on the walk back to wherever. rum is awesome - pirates drink rum.

    so far shes 4000ks overdue for a service, and i rev it pretty hard all the time.. i cant wait for the fireworks. if it was in my name id have sold it. oh noes i am a prick
  7. That is the greatest rant that I have heard in a while. My day seems much more bearable now that I know I don't have to contend with the crap that you did. :LOL:
  8. Manny, loved your rant too (even if you did pay out my gender).

    I've just got to ask - does your bedroom look spotless as well, or is it just your vehicles that get the TLC treatment? :p


    Not all women treat their possessions like shit. I keep old shirt in my boot so I can wipe my bike down every couple of rides between washes :oops: :wink:
  9. dont give kids a paint brush when you are painting .

    dont let kids lick the paint brush unless its non toxic

    dont paint outside it will garentee to rain.
  10. I only treat the things I like with TLC
    My car doesnt fall into that category.. it's a girly car for a paint sniffing pirate.. i know i know.. i'm unappreciative..
    When my bike is finished it will go into the "like" list, and when i get a brand new one (one day when i plunder a merchant vessel or something cool) it will too.

    so far my "like" list consists of:

    My Dog Sam (12yo golden retriever) he likes to take my socks. that joke never gets old and never ever will. he is the most awesome thing in the world.
    when i get around to buying one i will probably dig my ant farm too...
    NASA developed this blue gel to put in their space antfarms. The ants eat it for food, and make tunnels out of it aswell. food and house. that is the best idea ever. i'm gonna build a house out of steak


    as for my room.. its kind of messy.. i dont have a gf (i wonder why hah) so theres no need to be clean/hygenic

    im glad to hear u wipe ur bike down aprilliagirl (cool bike btw)
    make sure u dont let the grease build up underneath it... when i got the gpx i could pull clumps of grit off with my fingers.. some of the bigger clumps had rocks embedded in them... oh man that pissed me off so bad.. that guy was such a dick... then again kawasaki cant design swingarms for shit. it has these tabs that are probably labeled "random shit catchers" on the original designs ..
    *shakes fist*

    peace out
  11. I want whatever you're on :p

    blue gel? house of steak?

    I'm trying really hard not to laugh - I work with a bunch of old farts and if I laugh to much at shit like this I'll get shafted with more work and have to stay even later.

    ok maybe if I follow the link it will all become clear!
  12. wow but it's leik 9pm here.. whats the time difference??? why are you still working?
  13. Dude not everyone works 9 to 5
  14. My job title means little and the actual jobs not that easy to describe. Suffice it to say I work for a bank (sort off). Anyway I'm done for the day and am going for a ride.