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Best option to deter theft

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by simonr23, Jul 10, 2011.

  1. i park my bike under the same carport as my car. the carport is visible from the road, but it's perpendicular to the road. i park thew bike so the car hides it. when the car is there, it's fairly hard to get the bike out, i'd imagine very hard, with both wheels immobilised.

    currently, i chain through the rear wheel, to a pole, and have one of those xena disc lock alarms on the front wheel.

    without doing any changes to the car port, is there a better way to make the bike less desirable to steal?

    which wheel costs more to replace, assuming the thieves choose to leave the chained wheel behind? i bought the dearest and thickest, sleeved chain i could find.

    i'm mainly worried about days/nights when the car isnt there.

  2. best theft deterrent is a hungry doberman and a 12gauge shotgun.
    but in all honesty, NOTHING will make your bike theft-proof if the thief is determined, just keep your full insurance paid up
  3. I would say a bike cover you can lock in place is generally a good idea if visible from the street.
  4. Insurance.

    If someone wants your bike they'll take it regardless of how much security you have.
  5. +1 to a bike cover and a big lock. could put a gps tracker on it? or data dots?
  6. Make sure you cant cut the chain/lock with bolt cutters or pull the carport posts out of the ground. It'll stop opportunistic barstads..
    A pro will take it.
  7. You can't make it theft-proof, but you can park it next to another bike that's either easier to steal, or a better bike.
  8. some cheap lattice and some vines.
  9. If you've got full comp insurance, who really cares if its pinched? If either my car or bike get pinched, they are doing me a favour really cause theres no way i'd get privately in a sale what i'd get in an insurance claim.
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  10. The lattice or bamboo fencing is a great idea. Your main threat is the bike being lifted off the ground & loaded into a vehicle so something like a kryptonite cable locking it to something solid with a quality padlock is your best bet.
  11. remove it from view of the street or take it with you. they can't take it if they can't find it. and they can't find it if they can't see it.
    you can then impliment all manner of deterents but how much do you want to spend. the gps trackers need to be recharged often.
  12. cheers. so from most of the responses, what i'm doing is the general best option, given my circumstances.

    i only ask for detterent, as i know it'll go, if someone is keen enough.

    i have insurance too.

    in relation to the best way of tying it up, what's best. front wheel, or rear wheel?

    i have one of those regular elastic bike covers too, which hides the complete bike.
  13. If you're that worried, get a chain long enough to snake through both wheels and the frame...
  14. Hi you can get it alarmed,just like a car,but try and have it chained to something just to make it harder plus a disk lock, there is many on ebay for sale,even a gps with real time tracking so you know exactly where it is, but an alarm should be sufficient just so now one handles the bike,or a dog thats sensitive to noise.
  15. that, i like. prefer it to explode though, and consume the wiring in the process.
  16. chain through the frame not the wheels alone.
    If there was nothing solid to chain mine too, I wrapped the chain through the frame and back wheel and up over the seat..
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  17. Make sure the chain is at least 10mm link and Grade 80. This will make it near impossible to cut with bolt cutters. Thief will then have to make a big racket with a grinder or similar to cut it, attracting some sort of attention in the process. Then chemset or Dynabolt an anchor to the concrete, using one of those anchors that covers the heads of the anchoring bolts. That's about the best you can do. Could also make a simple steel cage with a lockable door (enclosed padlock) that the bike just fits inside and dynabolt that from the inside to the concrete floor. Can take it with you if you move. Trick is is to make it really really difficult, noisy and time consuming to steal. Encouraging the thief to move on to a softer target. Worked for me.
  18. I got full comp on my bike, and it was just stolen. Who cares? Well now I have to cough up $500 excess, plus I have lost the $500 of my wifes clothes that were in the top box. Assuming that I dont get my bike back and I get a new one, I now have to run it in again and fork out the $300 for the first service again.

    On the off chance I get it back, well its no longer a one owner bike, and its been tainted by some fuckwit.

    So full comp does not always make up for having your bike stolen. Chances are I am now going to be out of pocket by around $1500 plus the cost of insuring a new bike again, so make that about $2000 out of pocket.

    As the saying goes, locks only keep out the honest people. If they want your bike, they will have it. However I am going to do my best to stop it next time, I will be adding disc locks, a GPS tracker and an alarm/immobiliser.
  19. I let my tyres down when I stop. Works great as it is a pain to move like that so thieves can't be bothered.