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Best oil for motorbike?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by ewq, Sep 17, 2009.

  1. Sup. I've just got myself a ninja250! It really is a weapon. So far I've put a yoshi exhaust on it and it REALLY GOES HARD!

    I ride pretty hard and so I need the best oil. Now, I'm not interested in peoples opinion if it's not the very best oil to use. So what oil is the VERY VERY BEST OIL? I want the ninja to last and I'm not gonna let up chasing and overtaking gixxers and CBR's :twisted: .

  2. Did you try the search function before posting? Because this has honestly been covered sooo many times. There is no one answer, you'll have to spend some time reading.
  3. Yeah, but they're all conflicting and probably written by slowies! :?

    As I said, I need the best cause I'm quick so it's probably between Amsoil MCF, Motul 300V, Motorex Top Speed.
  4. Funny troll, though.
  5. Are you kidding me??? Goto to bed little one
  6. Word! Those little quarter litre dynomos are Da Bomb! The Yoshi exhaust is the shizzle when it comes to improving your KW take, probably 50% up now!

    The best oil is Castor, for two reason: It's all natural baby!

    Secondly it's a LOT thinner. This reduces the internal friction of your motor & allows it spin revs up quicker, it'll probably increase your usable RPM by about 5K, should be able to spin up to about 15K, like the Moto GP boys do!

    That, combined with the Yoshi system (full system, right, not just slip on?) Should have you taking out those Gixxers & CBR's in no time!
  7. Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Nothing but the best for my Ninja!

    Throw a few fish bites and chips into the sump and you'll have a hot meal waiting for ya when you come home from your ride. :idea:
  8. Castor? Olive?

    Pffft. You people are on drugs.

    The BEST oil is baby oil. Dribbled down the cleavage of 3 asian prostitutes and collected lovingly by my tongue.
  9. ERghh... have you ever tasted baby oil? Nothing else wrong with the situation though!
  10. Yeah, I admit it doesn't taste the best.
    I just like to add a little Yin to the Yang. :wink:
  11. Hahahahah!!

    ^ yin and yang being 2 of the 3 hookers :LOL: :LOL:
  12. Not kiddin mate. Even with ya straight line heroics, I'll still carve ya up!
    You ain't got nutthin. And once I get off restrictions, you'll have no chance.

    I'm gettin into racing and it doesn't get any quicker than that!!!!
  13. BP St Kilda Marina. 7.30 pm any thursday you like sunshine :wink:
  14. Tried that mob, but too... "YAWN" sleepy paced...
  15. Well you should come on TUES nights then...that's when the faster race guys like you are there! :wink:
  16. :grin: :grin: :grin:

    I thought you would have been right at home... all talk no action :roll:

    ***no disrespect to "some" of the regulars***
  17. Ya got nuthin on me cept straight line power.
    My ninja is da bom (yeah yeah, but it is) everywhere and I chew supersports on the 'B' roads no matter what anyone says.
    I got nuttin to prove.
    I've been proven.
  18. Whatever dude, you're totally illin'.

    Ever since I installed neons behind my fairings no one could out-sik me in the twisties. Especially not some duded-up, egg-suckin' gutter trash.