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Best Of The 300s

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Bravus, Aug 12, 2016.

  1. Watching a fair few YouTube reviews this arvo while bored at work, it seems as though the R3 is likely to be the best of the 300s (compared to the Ninja and the CBR), and also the one someone would be likely to keep longest.

    There are some recent second hand Ninjas and CBRs around for 4 grand, the cheapest R3s are 5 grand, but they're all very new and low-km. It's well-appointed, the most powerful, has a very detailed dash.

    Not sure how she'll go for height (it's for Mrs Bravus), but all 3 of these are either 780 or 785 mm seat height. She's been looking at CB400s, which are down around 730 mm, but are a lot pricier for ones that are less than 20 years old.

    Any particular experiences either way? Have to admit, the R3 is the one I feel I'm mostly likely to want to 'borrow'. ;)
  2. No experience with the current crop of 300's at all. But what I will say is work out your budget, then take her shopping. But only look at bikes that fit your budget. Get her to sit on a few different bikes. And don't forget seat height is only part of the equation, seat width plays a huge part as well. So does peg and handle bar placement.
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  3. The Yamaha R3 and the MT-03 look skinny and insubstantial to me. I imagine that is purely a visual impression though.
    If I had to go for a 300 class machine I reckon the KTM RC390 or Duke 390, or the Kawasaki Ninja 300.
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  4. Skinny may be good depending on how tall his Mrs is.
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  5. CBR500R is also available in this kind of price range, and might be an option.

    The KTM machine has a *very* tall seat relative to the rest: 820 mm. No way Ms 5'2" would be OK on it.
  6. And the cb400 is not 730 seat height, it's 770 stock unless someone has lowered the heck out of one. I know 'cos my missus started with a 2012 ninja 300 (785) and felt way more comfy on her next bike, a 2013 cb400 (770). That 15mm made a big difference to confidence and moving the bike around.

    As Mick says though, she's gotta sit on all of them, you may be surprised by some of the set ups, for e.g PSYKCPSYKC hated the MT-07 peg position, ditto FZ600 N, didn't like anything when she test ride the VFR800, etc. now on a 696 Monster with low seat as well 770mm.

    Have fun trying them all out is all I can say (It's important that you test ride all these bikes too)!
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  7. Z300 nakey is also pretty nice. It's about the same height, and she did sit on it and find it sort-of-OK but felt more comfortable on the CB400.

    I dunno - the 400 is an in-line 4 with dual front disks and a more fully grown-up bike in many ways than the learner machines... and there are actually a few in the same price bracket.
  8. SibiSibi rides the Ninja300, loves it. At the time of her getting the bike the only other 300 she really looked at was the CBR and she found the riding position not as nice as the ninja. She has said though that she likes the look of the R3.
  9. OK, when I look it up I see 755 mm (not sure where I pulled 730 from).

    Definitely will be sitting her on all of them, and riding any we're looking at buying myself.

    As I've mentioned before, she'll be moving up from a CB125E, and anything will feel amazing to her! I want something that feels good to me (while not looking for Bandit-like grunt).
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  10. Look the CB400 IMO is a way better bet than any of the 300's. Plus holds its value real well. But, go ride them all, see what the thoughts are thereafter....
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  11. Haha yes this is the tricky part, some of the ads are full of shit. Look at most recent cb400's and its seat height 770mm, but others even if the same year, say seat height min 755mm. Key word there is min, not sure if there is a specific lower seat, we measured ours and was 770
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  12. You can easily lower a ninj 300
  13. [​IMG]

    You know what you gotta do :whistle:
  14. Does she have a preference of Naked?

    Seems like a mixed bag of bike size and style.

    As per the OP, the Ninja 300 and R3 are the most similar with a faired 'sport' style and parallel twin.

    The CB400 is in another league all together. Something like the GS500 would be a more comparable test partner.

    Further the RC390 and Duke 390 are singles and more exotic. TCO will be higher.

    Lot's of stuff in this part of the market - quite varied price bracket.
  15. TPO may also be higher.
    TPO = Total Pleasure of Ownership ;-)
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  16. I've ridden all 4 and they are great LAMS bikes.
    Without pulling out the specs the R3 was certainly is the lighter nipper feeling bike, the CBR had the best seating position however the ninja was the nicest to ride.
    Its unfair to compare these to the CB400 which have a 4 cylinder watercooled engine, solid time tested design, pretty good suspension out the box and is honestly wild fun to ride.

    If you like the CB400 then the VT250 is worth alook, you sometimes find a good gem on bikesales.
  17. TBH her shortaresery really trumps just about everything else: best bike in the world is no good if she can't ride it.

    I'd kind of prefer her to have something faired for less-tiring freeway time, but the CB is an awesome bike and physically the best fit.

    So I think what we're saying is that the best of the 300s is a 400. ;)
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  18. Went out today with every intention of buying a 2010 CB 400 for 5 grand, but ended up laying down the exact same amount of money for a brand new Z250SL.

    She'd looked at the Z300 and liked it, but it was still a little tall. The 250 is shorter and lighter, and the one on the showroom floor already had lowering links installed.

    She felt much more happy with it over all, and it's hard to go past a brand new 0 km bike with a full 2 year factory warranty versus a 6 year old 25,000 km bike with no warranty for the same money.

    Picking it up tomorrow, and will report back.
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  19. Pics or it didn't happen! Well done mate...
  20. #20 Jeffco, Aug 18, 2016
    Last edited: Aug 19, 2016
    Have you considered the Kawasaki Z300?


    missed it by that much :wacky:
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