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Best of both worlds.. does it exist?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Birdy, Nov 22, 2008.

  1. Hey all, been stalking these forums for a while trying to find opinions on a bike to upgrade to that has the feel and ride of a sports bike that is fun in the twisties and doing track days (twice a year maybe) but is also reasonable in the city roads and for using to get to work...

    Looked at street triple, monster type bikes but I really don't like the upright position.... looking for something a bit more aggressive in position and preferably a semi-faired or even full faired bike...

    Looked at the new blade but seems a bit of overkill for what i need and probably won't justify the insurance cost...

    SO basically a monster/street triple sort of bike but with a more aggressive sporty look, riding position and feel...

    does such a thing even exist? or am I just trying to be a pain in the ass picking something not on the menu?

    thoughts greatly appreciated....
  2. A street triple but more aggressive and sporty.... you know about the Daytona right?

    I feel your pain though, I'm looking for a Commodore wagon, but with less of a wagon type of feel, maybe more like a sedan. :LOL:
  3. yeah i know sounds silly....

    maybe just gotta pick a side..

    daytona does look good... sore wrists seem to be a feature with that bike though from what I heard...
  4. I just got a 600RR and I think it is as comfortable as a supersport gets.
  5. Street Triple with clip-ons perhaps.
  6. Was about to suggest the same.

    Or alternately, a Daytona 675 with low bar-risers.

    I just ordered a set of these for my Daytona 675 project bike:

    Adjustable riser clip-ons

    Unsure about where you'll be happy in terms of bar position? Get a set of those and mess around with the positions until you are happy. Should be able to adjust to anything between upright, forward, and high like a Street Triple, to forward, down, and low like an extreme cafe racer, and anything in-between.

    You can flip them upside down, or switch sides, mount the bar in front of or behind the fork stanchion, and then set the bar angle over a 0-10 degree range.
  7. Well how about a late model Kawasaki zx9r :wink:
  8. Are you tall/short,
  9. When my wrists hurt I just tighten the grip on the tank with my knees and support more of my bodyweight with my abs and lower back.
  10. I'm 6ft..

    Thanks for all the opinions, i'll definitely check out the clip-ons....

    Have always had a soft spot for the torquey triples and the comfort factor of the Daytona 675 is the thing that sways me away... will have a harder look at the street/speed triple and consider clip-ons..

    thanks again..
  11. What about an SV?
  12. SV with cafe racer bars and a rearset that has been moved back a cm or two. One of my mates (who's on this forum) has done exactly that.
  13. You need one of these...


    Like most nakeds you can rotate the bars forward to get that "being on a torture rack" look... also a set of adjustable rear set plates are about $150 AU and will give you all the adjustments you would need.

  14. It sounds like a midsize naked (jap or euro) would fit what you are after pretty easily. Like the others said, all you would need is to fit some lower handlebars and rear set footpegs so you don't kill your back. Handlebars are pretty cheap, so you could afford to get a second set if the 1st don't quite work. They are also easily fine-tuned by rolling them around in the mounts. Otherwise look into clipons, they are more easily replaced if you stack. Proper rearsets cost a fair bit, but there are usually cheaper solutions if you have a dig around the net.

    EDIT: i just realised you said preferably faired. Have a look at the SV650S or ER6-F... or dare i suggest you consider a screen on a naked :shock:
  15. vtr 1000, maybe tthe sp1 or sp2?

    rc51 i think is its american name
  16. Wow! Never even considered the superduke! Must give it a good look....

    It's a wonder why manufacturers don't make more bikes in the sporty feel and look category that is not full fang superbike or supersport... IMHO You'd think the vast majority of riders would use their bikes:
    1. to ride to places (A to B and back again)
    2. to have fun in the twisties on the weekend
    3. to ride on the track
    in that order...

    Maybe I'm just not looking hard enough..