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Best NSW LAM bike for a big fella

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Kane Mortlock, Jan 30, 2006.

  1. Hiya,

    a friend of mine wants to get his Ls and get a bike.

    He is over 120kg and about 6 foot. Can anyone suggest what L's bike(s) suit someone of that size?

    Thanks in advance,

    Kane. :)
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  3. try a Z650 or a XJ650 if on a budget.

    if not, that hyosung GT650 should do the trick :grin:
  4. ...

    Sorry, more info:

    Budget $5000 total (incl. gear, so $3.5k - $4.5k for the bike).

    He says he wants road and sports, but in the end he wants a Harley.

    The 250 sports bikes are just too small though and I'm worried that a GS500E might be too (read 120kg+). I'm worried it would bottom out the suspension with him sitting on it ...

    He rode some trailies before and was concerned that they always wanted to wheelie all the time. He seems quite concerned about this and so is talking like he wants a bike without enough power to lift the front.

    Despite that, for the suspension travel, I'm thinking like a KL600 enduro type bike at the moment. But I'm open to all suggestions!

    Kane. :)
  5. The Z 650 handles me fine, I am 6ft and over 120kgs. They can be had for well under $1k, but you will have to throw a few dollars at one if not mechanically inclined. I'd budget around $2.5 to $3k to buy one and get it really nice, or $2k if you don't mind cosmetic stuff. If the engine sounds good, it will go forever.
    Heeeeaps of new reproduction parts for em everywhere, and heaps of second hand stuff too.
    Very solid, simple, reliable bikes.

    Regards, Andrew.