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Best Non Standard seats for Sports Bikes

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Caz no 2, Jan 9, 2013.

  1. Sargent Seats seems to have great reviews on what I can find.

    Looks like they are much cheaper in the US than buying here, but you can't buy directly from their US site as it doesn't give me the option to post to Oz.

    Any other seat suggestions for a new Ninja 1000 or suggestion on best place to get the Sargent?
  2. Have no idea if they do a seat for the ninja 1000 but Corbin is another brand of after market seat fabricator, think they're an English company.....google is your friend
  3. Depending on what you're happy to spend, Top Sellerie from France are a very comfortable seat.
    If selected from their bargin bin, around $350 delivered.
  4. Heya,

    I have a Sergeant seat in my Ninja 1000, it is damned comfortable, expensive though, I had issues with the standard seat causing me pain across the backs of my legs, was aware that this might occur as I had read up on it in a few forums.

    You can buy it in AUS from the following site, be aware though that it can take over a month for delivery, they seem to order them from the company once someone buys one via the online store.


    You can also get an OEM gel seat now, I have heard some good things about it, they sell them here now apparently, the following link is from Kawasaki Australias site.

  5. PilgriM that sucks, thought by buying one here that it would be quicker to get! We are paying about an extra $100 than getting it from the US.

    The Sargent Seats have had some pretty good reviews over the Corbin and there seems to be others but they don't supply the whole seat and only rework the original one which is crappy as it is the same price of the complete Sargent ones.
  6. Another point to note is that the pillion seat is just a cover they provide, you either need to fit it yourself or get a vehicle upholstery shop to do it for you, I think I got charged $20 for the job, barely took them 10 minutes in the end..
  7. Not going the cover, as we have the seat cowl.
  8. Corbin are good but order to delivery is usually around 3 months so order well ahead of when you expect to receive!
  9. Hi. I've been thinking a long time about this too. Looked at the Sargent and the OEM gel seat, but getting them was too complicated or too expensive. Finally I did the job myself. Took the staples off three quarters of the seat and shaped the original foam to round off the sharp edges, then inserted a thin layer of soft foam over the original foam and stapled the vinyl back. Did the Snowy's ride 1300 kms without probs. Cost five bucks and half and hours slog, followed by a cold one! Cheers.
  10. Can't comment about the seats, but, there are on-line services which provide US mailing addresses, and then forward on to where ever, at a fairly small fee.

    Google: us mailing address for online shopping and take your pick.
  11. Yep actually have one of those set up. Bought a pair of boots from the US and it cost me $50 extra to use the service, so would have to weigh up the price difference.

    $279 US, plus postage to US address then forwarding costs, against $380 plus Australia postage.

    Might check the European sites and see if they are any better. Starrygirl bought a bike part from the Netherlands, was so much cheaper and only took 10days to arrive.
  12. Oh, I didn't realise they were that expensive.

    TBH only time I investigated was the stuff I was considering was over the one grand mark, and the forwarding service allowed the user to define what labeling went on the package, as in "Birthday present" or some such.:)

    Ended up not using it.
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    Dunno bout other bikes, but on my SV650, the Sargent has a wider, flatter "behind" than stock. Front portion is a bit like stock, same height. Ride-wise, the Sarjent is ... different. Only ridden it about a week (daily work 50k round trip commute), but compared to stock, I can't say it is much more comfy, but it does make me want to sit further back (flat part) for a relaxing ride, and forward when I want to turn the aggro on!

  14. Its actually for the OH, he said his bum gets sore, he doesn't have as much padding as my butt.:LOL:

    Rode all the way to Surfers and back on my Ninja 250 seat and then the Ninja 650 with no sore bum at all. More sore legs from the crouched position. I think he likes the back of the Sargent seat, how it is wider.
  15. Ok so put in details to see the full cost of buying it from Australian site.

    Seat only, not pillion cover, just in plain black, no colour piping. $415 and that is only with standard registered post. A bit of a rip off I think, especially if they are only going to order it in from the US anyway.
  16. No 2nd hand ones for sale for the bike model? They come up occasionally, especially on model or make-specific forums or you could post there asking.

    The Yanks seem to love adding long lists of add-ons ("farkles") to their bikes and seats are a popular one. Stock seats don't seem wide enough over there.