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Best Naked LAMS bikes?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Albatronic, Aug 3, 2015.

  1. I recently got my bike L's and am trying to find the best type of naked bike for upto $5000. Can anyone recommend any?

  2. G'day AlbatronicAlbatronic. There are many LAMS models to choose from as you're probably aware. Sitting on as many as you can at dealerships before making a final decision is a good idea.

    One recommendation for a naked LAMS motorcycle is the Honda CB400 SF which can be bought second-hand, typically about five years old with 30-40K kilometres for around $5,000.
  3. I can recommend you using the search function, this has been discussed at length a few times.
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  4. Womble has pointed out one thing for you the other is to familiarize yourself with the forums, dumping everything in the General forum just creates work for others. Help us help you.
  5. The best at what? Do you have any idea what you want to do with it?

    I'd say the Er6nL, CB400, Duke 390, MT03, gs500 are all options that can be had for that or less that spring to mind
  6. CT110. Or use the search button
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    The Honda VTR 250 is very popular on here, for good reasons. Easy to ride, handles well and has a great little v-twin engine.
  8. VTR 250 hands down. So forgiving to ride, and easy to work on.
  9. CB400 is considered by many to be the go-to LAMS naked. And of course there's MT07, above the stated budget but could be found used at reasonable price.
  10. As a few have mentioned, there are many options out there depending the riding style your after (super sport, naked or touring ect ect) for a lams approved bike. I would recommend the ktm 390 or honda cb400 only as they are easy to manouver, light and nimble, but comfortable to ride which will make it easier for you to pick up the skills and teqniques for everyday riding. Also at a good price i'd still do a little homework before hand :D
    Hope that helps mate
  11. I would look at a z300

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  12. I am biased because I have one of course ;)....but I am delighted with my Suzuki Inazuma and would recommend one to anyone. IMAG0285edited2.
    And you can get one brand new for just under $5,000.00 on the road (y)
  13. The best bike would be the one that suits your needs, height, strength, budget etc

    I would suggest you go to a dealership and sit on a few and see how they feel to you. I personally think the CB400 suited my requirements but it may not suit you.
  14. Test ride whenever possible. The dealer at Yamaha Werribee let me test ride a MT07 the day after I got my L's. What a legend!
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  15. MyoManMyoMan - I picked my bike up then rode it home along the freeway (first time solo) :) Before that i just sat on it to get a feel of it. Trial by fire my friend!!
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  16. Cheers for all the replies and sorry for putting this discussion in the wrong forum. I'll be heading down to my local dealership in the next few days to see if any feel right
  17. Damn those CB400's would make a good cafe racer...
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  18. Please forgive me for bringing up this somewhat old thread but I also have a question about the best LAMS bike based on one's preference. I'm also looking to transition to a naked bike (when I find a job that is). As much as I love the MT07, that damn throttle is way too sudden when it goes. I like the bike to be just a tad gradual when it comes to go after twisting the throttle. I'm gonna try out some other naked bikes to see which one stands out the best for me but I will only limit myself to the japanese brands due to maintenance costs (europeans bikes love your wallet). Can anyone give me a list of naked bikes between 400-655cc under Suzuki, Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha & other japanese brands etc... that you can recommend me to try out. Cheers.
  19. 1. CB400
    2. The rest...
  20. The rest being...?