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Best naked 1000cc + for under $10k...

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by mr_sikma, Jan 4, 2012.

  1. Hey guys,

    Looking at some of the Kawasaki Z1000s but also looking at similar bikes to compare before I make up my mind...

    I've seen the Yamaha FZ1s and also Buell 1125s?

    Any feedback would be great :)

  2. Tuono, SV1000, GSX1400, FJR1300, ZRX11/1200, Streetfightered ZZR1100... Might be able to pick up an older Speed Triple for that price...
  3. The GSX1400 would be a good option and are available for under $9K readily.
    Another good choice would be the GSX1400.
    Of course, a GSX1400 would be a sound purchase as well.

    See, a plethora of options.
  4. Surely should be able to pick up a late-model Bandit for that sort of coin, too.
  5. Two for that price :) Good point though.
  6. [​IMG]05/06 KTM Superduke...the end
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  7. Sorry I didn't really mention what use I wanted out of the bike...

    I'm kinda looking at more of a sports naked for a few commuting trips, as well as hills runs and the occasional track day!
  8. All up this owes me a fiar bit less that 10K


    In fact by the time i do rearsets, braided lines and a rear shock it will have cost me about 10K ;)

    I love the Superduke but your only going to get high mileage early models with 10K unless you get lucky.
  9. The older Z1000's weren't that good. You should be able to get a low mileage CB1000R for the money you're looking at.
  10. Is than an FZ? What year and model?
  11. Are you talking the 03-04? I'm prob looking at the updated version of that which is the 06-09 model...

    The Z & CB are main competitors?
  12. Try to find a used 10+ model Z and it is a much nicer bike all round than the CB1000r (based on my opinion/test rides).
  13. Its an FZ1N, the first of the 2nd generation. Its a 2006 model. Yamaha have not really changed the bike since.

    I payed $8600 for her with 8500kms on the odo =D>

    More pictures ;)




    I have a thread on her here https://netrider.net.au/forums/showthread.php?t=127436
  14. After some bikesales investigation....it would seem you got a f**king bargain! =D>
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  15. They can be had even cheaper... like mine was!
    Same year, a, but purchased 18 months ago, with 7000km for a grand cheaper, and from a dealer.
  16. Hells bells...for that money it'd nearly knock off a Street Triple for the next bike...
  17. Theres plenty to be had out there for under 10k, and I've yet to drop 3k on a road-ready bike... mind you I also am willing to do work on them myself and don't buy from dealers usually.

    The FZ series with that lovely 20v engine are a real hoot, if you haven't had a testride it might be a good idea.

    - boingk
  18. i just bought a 2007 ktm superduke with 9500km on the clock for $10,500 with titanium akras and was in perfect condition. never ridden in the rain. its a perfect hoon bike and loves to ride on one or no wheels.

    i suggest you do the same.

    if a budget option appeals more-so though, the first series of the yamaha fz1 is a very capable bike, but a little boring. but its a yamaha so you expect that ;)
  19. LOL, I payed $8500 for my 08 GSX1400 and it only had 8200km on the clock. Let's hear it for the bargains!!!=D>