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Best Motorcycle Instruments

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by jd, Sep 1, 2012.

  1. Browsing through the "which bike are you lusting after" thread I got to thinking; that although there are some stunningly beautiful bikes available there are far too many that are let down by the fact that all you get to see when you're riding it is an ugly instrument cluster.

    So I figured I'd start another thread to discuss which bikes look the best from the riders point of view (no matter how ugly the bike may look to others). Obviously a big part of this is the instruments, and I must admit I do have a fondness for the feature-packed, aircraft cockpit inspired white-on-black instrument clusters that were so popular in the 80s (and thankfully carried through to my GPX :).

    My absolute favourite however has the be the Suzuki Katana. The brilliance of it's design lies in its simplicity, and the way the speedo and tacho needles move relative to each other.

    So what are other peoples favourites? And which do you consider to be the worst? (personally I hate anything that uses an LCD display rather than analog dials). Be sure to post up pics if you have them :).
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  2. buel >
  3. a yeah the Katana is up there for sure, I do like the simple white on black like my GPX easy for old eyes. Digital displays don't do anything for me.
    The ZX14 isn't bad, plain and readable.
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  4. ^ beat me to it...
  5. I may be a teensie bit biased, but the sprints dash is real nice.
    Its just that uglyass white brake cylinder that has to be changed to make that image nice :D.

  6. yes i agree, i just like the plain old analogue tacho/speedo

    a gear indicator would be a cool standard feature
  7. I agree it does miss a gear indicator. Ive actually been looking into an aftermarket option, but for what it does its just ridiculously priced!
    Looks like this though:

  8. Yeah the little black box on the GPX is easier on the eye, more expensive to make and messier to top up I guess ImageUploadedByTapatalk1346494627.366742.
  9. The simpler, the better.
    This cluster is a thing of beauty, and I would put it on my bike if it where physically possible.

  10. Looks like nasa launch control from the 60s lol... i like it.
  11. Wish my Z had analogue, Starting to grow on me a 'little' after two years!
    Still not the best!
    Suppose they're trying to keep 'futuristic' styling!
    Bar graph tach not very easy to read at a glance but large digital speedo is good.
    A combo of digital/analogue would be good.

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  12. [​IMG]

    This would be one of the ugliest I have seen (from a mid 80s XJ750). It's hard to beat 2 round analogue black on white gauges.
  13. Possibly one of the worst I've ever seen:
    (Yamaha FZ6)
  14. The thing that's missing from a lot of bikes which I reckon is important is a bloody clock.
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  15. I will have to disagree with you there. I ride for two hours a day, 5 days a week and my bike has a clock. some days I can't stop looking at it. it is so distracting. I am seriously thinking about finding a way to either short it out or just set it to the wrong time.
  16. Heres one on the Honda Goldwings

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  17. He he that's funny :))
  18. I think the zx-10r has the best looking instrumentation atm.
    Something about the tach i just love, which is strange because i normally hate digital ones
  19. How could anyone go past the instruments on my little TS trailbike.
    Functional, practical and stylish....who could ask for more?

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  20. How about matching gauges!! :rofl:
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