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Best Motorcycle Action sequence in a Movie

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by v_quixotic, Jun 16, 2005.

  1. For me it was the triumph chase in Mission Impossible 2.

    loved the impossible but sublime shooting - stoppie - pivot sequence... very Matrixesque.

    What's your selection and why?
  2. Still reckon some of the chases in 'CHiPs' were tought to beat...:LOL:
  3. ducatis on the freeway in the matrix gets my vote :)
  4. the fight scene with the two chicks in torque :LOL: :LOL:

    that was the funniest thing i've ever seen.....
  5. the scene in "torque" where he jumps the Aprilla Rsv on to the roof of the train!

  6. Hahah the MI2 buikes scenes were so BS. I love how the 4WD is is catching the bike on a road. Then you see tom pull a righthander onto a dirt road and all of a sudden the bike has knobbly tyres. I want those tyres!!! They are magical! Smooth on roads then if u hit dirt they magically go nobbly!! w00t
  7. I could'nt get past the fact that the sound-over for this was two-stroke trailies

    So you had Triumph tripples going ninga ninga ninga everywhere
  8. funny how the general public dont notice these things hey.... or the 9 or so gear changes you can make in a 1/4 mile drag race :LOL: or the 30 or so seconds it takes to make a 10 second pass :LOL: :LOL:

    ahhh, its all entertainment :D
  9. Or how in the opening sequence of 48 hrs 2 you the shots kept switching between riders on trailies and the same riders on harleys.
  10. Has to be the Ducati scene in the second Matrix movie. At least the soundtrack was all v-twin and not dubbed with something different :D
  11. ... or like when Tom Cruise cracks the throttle on the Ninga as he's tearin' down the airstrip and doesn't pull away from the camera truck (probably a Mazda Bongo 2-stroke), but then again... it is a Kawasaki :D
  12. In Top Gun that is...

  13. Lol that reminds me of the farce and the furiousdrag scenes... 50 gear changes, 5 hits of NO2 and a laptop that flashes warnings on the screen when your floorpan is about to drop from the passenger side.

    Not to mention after the 1 minute drag down a street (lined with cars laft and right bumper to bumper) and the cars all stop, the crowd that cheered the start has run to the end in the same time it took the cars to race

    Then that noob hero guy drives his car away when the cops come even tho he blew the car up at the finish line... funny stuff
  14. James Bond movies have a few decent ones.

    I must say that i am a bit biased being a bond fan though...
  15. hahahahahaha yeah, like you've got time to look at a friggin laptop in the middle of a drag :LOL: actually, i like to pull over and have a smoke and a meat pie around the halfway mark of my 10 second runs :LOL:

    i've got it all worked out tho, they use the very same time slowing device they used in stargate to attempt to fix up them narsty robotty things :D i gotta get me one of them jiggers, reckon i could squeeze a couple of brewskies in on top of the ciggie and the pie.....
  16. Stone . A grave digger racing the undercover cop . Not the most dramatic race scene but still held high in my books.
  17. hahahahahha I'm glad someone else finds that movie rediculous :D
  18. Mad Max....the original one and only first movie...Toecutter, Goose, Fifi Macaffee, that wierd looking MFP bike, (got too see again at the Alexandria bike show) and the scene where Toecutter and the crew chase down the couple in the car.....an ozzie classic.....................
    Was also impressed with the Sportsbikes on Black Rain, the carpark scene.
  19. what are you guys talking about? my laptop is what saved me on my bike last night when i was racing a twin turbo skyline and a semitrailer. it warned me that my rear tyre was getting a little above optimal temperature so i backed off a bit

    soo lucky